Music Jan 3, 2002 at 4:00 am

Calling Bullshit, Breaking Boundaries


Where can i go to hear some real MCs with lyrical creativity and skillful competition in seattle?
he is actually telling da truth, da whole truth, & nothing but da truth. It takes an arm & leg now-a-days to be heard on da radio & people wit these studios all across seattle be tryin to charge anotha arm & leg for studio time & beats. Plus, favoritism is taking over seattle. Studio producers busy producing music for people they're not even feeling! All these hoodz beefin going back & forth to clubs and bars to get drunk & dance to music made 99% by other rappers from another city,town,or state. Hardly any of da music you hear from here doesn't sound anything close to da videos they watch on tv. Over 95% of da rap music in seattle sound similiar cuz they rapping how they wanna bone da next broad dat comes to da club...this not hating,its da truth.....listen!!! 2/2010!-vinom

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