When a city fails to supply its underage citizens with venues to see live music, kids are left to their own devices--and forced to put on shows anywhere even slightly accessible. The YMCA, coffee shops, pizza parlors, basements, and skate parks have all hosted a variety of rock concerts, all because the existing Teen Dance Ordinance binds the all-ages community with ridiculous regulations making an all-ages venue too expensive and time-consuming to keep alive.

This situation could magically change, though, with the simple wave of a pen and an ounce of respect from City Council President Peter Steinbrueck. He has, sitting on his desk, a much friendlier All-Ages Dance Ordinance, and all Steinbrueck has to do is pass it. But until he does, the kids are left to dance wherever they can, and on Monday, April 8, the kids danced at Steinbrueck's house--Seattle's city hall at Fourth and James.

Anti-TDO musicians Sean Nelson and Ken Stringfellow serenaded Steinbrueck with a heartwarming acoustic version of the Who's "The Kids Are Alright" while an adorable group of mild-mannered teenagers clasped hands and happily danced in protest of the ordinance's existence. Arlie Carstens, another local musician there in support, put it best when he labeled it an impressive bit of "protest-tainment."

Three girls who came to partake in the dance party were Lilly Bourret, Lauren Wight, and Sarah Lily Timer (ages 14, 14, and 15, respectively). After finding out about the protest on the Internet, Sarah called her friends and the three of them took advantage of their school's spring break to make an appearance.

"I came down to city hall to represent the kids," said Lilly. "This is important. This matters to us because it affects us."

"It's something that someone needs to do something about," agreed Sarah. "Just let the kids dance!"

Since Steinbrueck won't let the kids dance where everyone else dances, the kids will just have to take their dances to Steinbrueck. The Stranger helped to organize the event, and we may organize another. Stay tuned. MEGAN SELING