Dammit! For the past four months I've gloated about consistently finding new venues for Underage. So far I've seen 13 all-ages shows, never visiting the same place twice. Impressive, right? I know!

So, sticking with tradition, this week I ventured out to Ballard, where Sonic Boom Records hosts regular in-store performances. On April 15, Pedro the Lion was celebrating the release of their new album, Control, with a midnight CD sale to follow their set. I showed up hoping to find a Pedro fanatic--you know, the one who closes his or her eyes and feels every word.

Three songs into the set, I spot him. Front row, sitting cross-legged on the floor, cherishing each note. For the remainder of Pedro's set (they played all 10 songs from Control, plus "Backwoods Nation"), my friend and I keep our eyes on this young man. Me, to see how he reacts to the music; her, because "that right there is the prettiest boy in this room."

The music stopped, the boy went outside, and I followed.

But as I approached him, it began to hit me, and when I saw his face, it struck: Déjà vu. Jerrod Austin, the subject of Underage's first clumsy installment, was my pretty boy swooning over Pedro.

I could've found another subject, for sure, but Jerrod insisted I talk to him, as planned.

"It was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life, actually," Jerrod said with a laugh when I asked what he thought of his first 15 minutes of Underage fame. "It was so 'pro-me.'"

"So what would you rather I had written?"

"I want you to plug more bands this time. Just run a list of my faves," he laughed. "There's not a lot."

"And if I don't?"

"I'll track you down and take you on a date."

I blushed and tried to ignore his comment, which seemed to poke fun at the fact that I had played up his good looks in the past.

Now I'm the embarrassed one--and hopefully that fact will make it up to you, Jerrod. MEGAN SELING



Damien Jurado, Rocky Votolato, Pedro the Lion, Suffering and the Hideous Thieves, Roadside Monument, Seldom ("they're so on"), and the Blood Brothers.