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Heroin Takes Another Life

Dear Matt, guitarist of the Really Rottens,

As I sit here watching Minor Threat's Live at the 9:30 Club, I can't help but do the math: Yep, tomorrow at 2:00 p.m., it'll be two weeks since you were found dead of an overdose. You know, I canceled practice the night before because I thought I was protecting you; you had a place to sleep, far from your favorite watering hole. So, I put it off another day. So you could plan ahead. Be safer. The next night at practice when you didn't show up, we played without you, cursing your name under our breath, not knowing you had been dead for five hours.

"Straight Edge" is now playing. At our last band practice, we laughed about how cool NOFX's version of that song is. Many of us tried our best to get you to adhere to that song's ultimate message, a lifestyle you knew would help you survive shitty childhood memories coupled with a genetic propensity for alcoholism. Sadly, what you called your inner demon disagreed.

Now "Think Again" is playing. That's the last cover song we practiced--and was next to last on our final show's song list. You played that song better than you thought you did, as was the case with every song you played.

We had big plans, you bastard. You were gonna sober up for the band. You were giving me an excuse to treat you like I was your AA sponsor. Little did I know that alcoholism wasn't the only problem. Perhaps you knew I'd lock you up in my basement if I did. But god damn it, maybe you'd still be alive for the rest of us to enjoy. We're selfish. We loved your wit and sense of humor that stemmed from your incessant self-deprecation. And you were an artist. Admit it! Whether it was sculpture or website or song, it was beautiful to us.

Thanks for leaving us your art, and damn you for not sticking around a little longer to create some more.

Rest in Punk, MxEx.

--Corey, drummer for the Really Rottens and a friend