BAD ALBERT'S--Steve Bailey, free

BAIT HOUSE--We Wrote the Book on Connectors, $5

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Leghorn, Fantastic 4, Electra, $5

CENTRAL SALOON--Killing Faith, Static Bloom, Alkai Diggins, $5

COFFEE MESSIAH--Monktail Creative Music Concern: Hunt & Peck (8 pm, all ages)

CONOR BYRNE'S--Single Malt Band, free

* CROCODILE CAFE--Sarah Shannon, Los Halos, Light Heavyweight, $6

GALWAY ARMS--The Aaron Donohue Band

GRACELAND--Floater, guests (6 pm, all ages), $10

I-SPY--Curu & Zero, Kawabata Makoto, Herzog, $8

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--Paramour, Ophilia & the Great Idea, Blood Alley Accident, $5

J&M CAFE--Herding Cats, $3

JAZZ ALLEY--Karrin Allyson, $15.50/$21.50

KELLS--Liam Gallagher

LARRY'S--Ediadio, Humidiflyers, $5

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP--M-Set, Sweet Lou, free

LITTLE RED HEN--Groovestock, free

LOCK AND KEEL--Fusion Underground Cats

MONA'S--Quarteta Mango Son



OWL 'N' THISTLE--Dan Heck Trio

PARAGON--HB Radke & the Jet City Swingers

* PARAMOUNT THEATRE--Morrissey (8 pm, all ages), $29.50/$34.50

PINK DOOR--Lonnie Williams Jazz Trio, free

RAINBOW--Sole Moxie, Mother, Loom, $6

* RE-BAR--Pho Bang!: Point Line Plane, $6

REDHOOK BREWERY--Brooke Pennock, free

RENDEZVOUS--Wine, Women, and Chocolate (10:30 pm), $5

ROCK BOTTOM--The Collaborative Works

SAFFRON COW--Kim Townsend (8 pm, all ages), free

SCARLET TREE--Das Root w/ Reggie Watts and P.K., $6

SERAFINA--Andrea Dupree & Friends

* SHOWBOX--Benefit for Layne Staley Foundation: Second Coming, Kevin Wood & the Hippie Glitz, guests (7 pm), $10

SIT & SPIN--Biography of Ferns, H.A.D., Mona Reels, $6

SUNSET TAVERN--Kevin Sawka, James Whiton, Enion Pelta, Dave Carter, $5

THOMPSON'S--Blue Gypsies, free

TOST--Miracle Whip, $3

* TRACTOR TAVERN--Kasey Anderson, Colville Melody, Matt Keating, $5

TULA'S--The Pamela Knowles Quintet

VOGUE--Flesh World, From the Icy Coast

WAZOBIA--Mofo, Girth, Hell Monkeys, Beat Reduction, $5

ZAK'S--Unlucky Boys, Thunderfist, 26,000 Volts, Modern Machine, $5


BAIT-HOUSE--Charisa Martin Cairn Trio, $5

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Brandon Ingram, Soul Psychedelics, Loophole, $7

* BALTIC ROOM--Jumbalaya, $10

BLUE MOON TAVERN--Jason Webley, free

CAFE VENUS--Mavhete, $5

CATWALK--Inpotent Seasnake, $12.50

CENTRAL SALOON--Jennifer Savage, the Bradbury Press, Jasper the Cat, $8/$10

* CHOP SUEY--Mike Johnson, Sick Bees, Brett Netson, $7

CONOR BYRNE'S--Kindred, $3

CORNER INN--The Trouble Boys, free

* CROCODILE CAFE--Erase Errata, Chromatics, Hint Hint (5 pm, all ages), $7

* CROCODILE CAFE--The Damo Suzuki Network, Kinski, Lamplighter (10 pm), $10

DOC MAYNARD'S--The Beatnicks, $10

* EMERALD QUEEN CASINO--Ted Nugent, $25/$50

EN SEATTLE--Ty Bailie & Friends

FIDDLER'S INN--Acoustic Big Foot Zoo, $2

* GRACELAND--No.13 Baby, Charming Snakes, the Beehives, the Holy Ghost Revival, $8

* HELLS KITCHEN (TACOMA)--The Dwarves, Dirty Thieves, Dollarstore Cowboys, $10

HOPVINE--Kellee Bradley, Stacey Board, $2

* I-SPY--The Clash/Jam cover night, $10

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--Saucy Jane, Kled, the Gully Jumpers, $5

JAZZ ALLEY--Karrin Allyson, $15.50/$21.50

KELLS--Corner Bhoys, $4

KISMET--Jill Cohn, free

LAKEPOINTE--M.T.F., Agony of Deceit, Illegal Substance, $5

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Pamela Rose w/ Dr. Funk, $10

LATONA PUB--Double Stop, $2

LEGENDS--Tim Turner Band, free

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP--Butterbean, free

LITTLE RED HEN--Latigo Lace, free

LOCK & KEEL--Pat Bennion & Little Big Man

MARINA CANTINA--Cazual Rex, $5


MULLEADY'S PUB--Combustion Collective, free


OWL 'N' THISTLE--Owl & Thistle Band

* PARADOX THEATER--Rocky Votolato, Seldom, Dolour, Amy Blashke (8 pm, all ages), $7

PIER 62/63--The David Sanborn Group, Joe Sample, $34

PINK DOOR--Black Cat Duo, free

RAINBOW--Dub Sauce, $10

REDHOOK BREWERY--Momentum Quartet, free

RENDEZVOUS--South Fountain, What's Missing (10:30 pm), $5

ROCK BOTTOM--Slim Happy Jack, free

SAFFRON COW--Single Malt Band (8 pm, all ages), free

SCARLET TREE--Kool Aid, $7

SERAFINA--Seattle Express

SHOWBOX--2 Live Crew, Central Intelligence, Skunt Du Na Na, Livio, $15/$20

SIT & SPIN--Voyager One, Sushi Robo, the High Violets, $6

ST. CLOUDS--Cooke & Green

STEEL SKY--Larry Murante & Kevin Jones, $8

SUNSET TAVERN--CamaroSmith, Flamethrower, Hotrod Lunatics, Youth at Risk, $5

TOMMY'S--Tight, Optimus Rhyme, Jimmy Stewarts

TRACTOR TAVERN--Redneck Girlfriend, Menagerie of Extravagance, Footstompin' Trio, $5

WAZOBIA--Eric Scott Band, Band Named Hollow, Lazy Comet & Cowhammer, $5

ZAK'S--Jodie Watts, Octabites, 3 Found Dead, $5


BAD ALBERT'S--Cooke & Green, $2

* BAIT-HOUSE--Victor Noriega Trio, $5

BLUE MOON TAVERN--Spinning Sun, free

CAFE VENUS--Mad Cap Caberet: the Sublaxations, Monty Banks & the High Rollers

CENTRAL SALOON--Point 1, Trigger Point Therapy, Devil's End Drive, $8/$10

* CHOP SUEY--Hell's Belles (final Seattle show), RC5, $10

COMET TAVERN--Swarming Hordes, Me Infecto, $3

CONOR BYRNE'S--The Suffering Gaels, $3

CORNER INN--The Trouble Boys, free

* CROCODILE CAFE--Treasure State, Hem, Saeta, $8

DOC MAYNARD'S--Grunge, $10

EMP--Hey Punk!: The Dickies, Angry Samoans, the Dwarves, Portrait of Poverty (8 pm, all ages), $10/$12

EN SEATTLE--Ms. Flora McGill

EUROPEAN KITCHEN--Grey Beairde, free

FIDDLER'S INN--Eric Madis Trio, $2


* GRACELAND--Good Riddance, Champion, Choke, Go For the Throat (6 pm, all ages), $10

GRACELAND--Drop 6, Alkai Diggins, Esina (10 pm), $8


HELLS KITCHEN (TACOMA)--Randy Hansen, $8

HOPVINE--Andy Coe Trio, $2

* I-SPY--Fog, FCS North, Plan B, the Getter Flash, $8

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--Lustercoat, the Whores, Thunder Child, $5

JAZZ ALLEY--Karrin Allyson, $15.50/$21.50

KELLS--Corner Bhoys, $4

LAKEPOINTE--Faceless, Underride, Fame in Failure, $5

LARRY'S--Phat Sidy Smokehouse, $10

LATONA PUB--Daryl Redeker & Red Pearl, $2

LEGENDS--Tim Turner Band, free

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP--Butterbean, free

LITTLE RED HEN--Latigo Lace, free

LOBO SALOON--Playland, Riot-a-GOGO, Audio Infidels, $5

MARINA CANTINA--Out from Underneath, $7


MONA'S--Urban Oasis

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--BlueStarCreeper (8 pm, all ages)

MULLEADY'S PUB--The Nancyboys, free

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Rebecca Kilgore featuring Dan Barrett, Casey MacGill, Paul Woltz, $10

O'SHEA'S--Eric Courtney & Barley Corn

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--The Boys from Ipanema, $5

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Owl & Thistle Band

PARADOX THEATER--Mira, Love Spirals Downward, the Prids (8 pm, all ages), $10

PETROVITSKY PARK (RENTON)--Jim Hightower, Fishbone, Granny D, Zap Mama, Tom Hayden, Medusa, $5/$10

PIER 62/63--The Tragically Hip, $28

PINK DOOR--Tony Yazzolino & Steve Kamke, free

* RAINBOW--Clinton Fearon, Bluemeadows, $10

REDHOOK BREWERY--Brian Kent & Members of R.T.C., free

RENDEZVOUS--Super Luminal (11 pm), $5

SAFFRON COW--Trick Purpose (8 pm, all ages), free

SCARLET TREE--Korla Wygal & Her Private Reserve, $7

SEATTLE GUITAR CIRCLE BUILDING--Thomasa Eckert & the Bird Tribe Orchestra, $10

SERAFINA--Ruthie Dornfeld, John Miller

SHARK CLUB (KIRKLAND)--2000 Degrees, $8/$10

SIT & SPIN--The Merchants, Ivan, Custom Hustler, $6

ST. CLOUDS--Kalass World Music Band

STEEL SKY--Zeus Storage, $5

STELLA PIZZA--The Revolutionary Hydra, Yeek Yak Airforce, Burning in Vegas, $5

SUNSET TAVERN--Huge Spacebird, Pure Joy, Horrible, $5

* TRACTOR TAVERN--M. Gira, Suffering & the Hideous Thieves, $12

ZAK'S--Jimmy Flame & the Sexxy Boys, Old Man Smithers, Prissy Prizm, the Sickness, $5


ACORN--Andrea Dupree, David Pascal, Greg Fulton

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Esitu, Kenetic Zero, Phokus, Expiration Date, Gambler, Callus (4 pm, all ages), $7

BALTIC ROOM--Smack, $7


CENTRAL SALOON--Edisyn, My Socrates, Octagon Squad, $5

CHINA JADE--Dennis Shadduck, free

CONOR BYRNE'S--Sittser, $5

FIDDLER'S INN--Eshelman, $1

FLOYD'S PLACE--Jennifer Savage, free

GRACELAND--The Lovemakers, YKK, Ana Oxygen, guests, $6

HELL'S KITCHEN (TACOMA)--The Dickies, Ronson Family Switchblade, I Defy, $15

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--James Whiton & the Jazz Rednecks, $5

JAZZ ALLEY--Karrin Allyson, $15.50/$21.50

KELLS--Liam Gallagher

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Rogers Roger's Invitational Jam, $5

LE PICHET--An American Starlet (2:30 pm), free

LITTLE RED HEN--Jerry & the PhilBillys, free

MARINA CANTINA--White Rhino, $6

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Jon Markel, Charlie Beck (6 pm, all ages)

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Joe Joseph & Company, $5

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--Evergreen Classic Jazz Band, $6

PINK DOOR--Alison Wonderland Bacich

* SEATTLE CENTER SKATE PARK--Hey Punk!: the Adolescents, Agent Orange, the Hunns, the Briefs, D.I., Clay Wheels, Dirty Birds (noon, all ages), free

ST. CLOUDS--Trevor Wheetman

SUNSET TAVERN--Ala Zingara (8 pm), $5

SUNSET TAVERN--Jive Turkey (10 pm), $5

TRACTOR TAVERN--The Swains, the Load Levelers, Lee Rude & the Trainwrecks, $6


BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Changes Daily, Spiral, Fat Cat, Ragamuffin, $5

BELLTOWN BILLIARDS--Brian Nova & Funk 69

CENTRAL SALOON--Metal Monday: Heir Apparent, Mindkor, A Bitter Mahn, $5

* GRACELAND--Monday-Funday!: Lure of the Animal, End Transmission, DJs Franki Chan, Red Leather Chapstick, $4

HOPVINE--Kurly Fry, Steven Fletcher, Loa, free

I-SPY--Carrie Biell, 6fg, Electron Love Theory, $6

IRISH EMIGRANT--Jennifer Savage

J&M CAFE--The Rubberband, free

JAZZ ALLEY--Aaron Parks Trio, $14.50/$16.50

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Corporate Monkeys, free

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP--Slop Shot, 3 Inch Max, free

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--Carl Faucher, free



ST. CLOUDS--Tom Bennett & the Rolling Blackouts

SUNSET TAVERN--78 Nova: John Wicks, Steve Scalfati, Joe Doria, DJs Ams, Mug Frosty (d&b), $5

THE PENNY CAFE--Trio Viejo (7 pm, all ages)

TRACTOR TAVERN--Monday Night Listening Party #4

TYPHOON RESTAURANT--Reggie Goings Group, free


CENTURY BALLROOM--Allison Moorer, $17/$19

CHINA HARBOR--John Holte's Radio Rhythm Orchestra, $5

CHOP SUEY--Loop Loop: Byron Vannoy, John Silverman, Jay Roulston, DJs Mark E Quark, Brian Lyons, Ken Wallace, J Justice, $5

CROCODILE CAFE--Twinemen, Miracle Whip, $10/$12

GRACELAND--Jet Black Summer, Last Great Liar, guests, $6

JAZZ ALLEY--Eric Alexander Quintet, $13.50/$19.50

KISMET--The Chris Spencer Trio

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--The Tim Turner Band, free

LITTLE RED HEN--Tommy Westley & Don Kellogg, free

LULU'S--Tim Friedlander Quartet

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Spirit Tuck (8 pm, all ages)

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Ham Carson & Friends, free

NOC NOC--Dividenz, Dymenz Lyfe, Mista Ocktober, Regime, Snook, Nina, DJ D-Doxx,, $5


OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--John Bishop, $3

OWL 'N' THISTLE--B-Bop & Destruction

PARADOX THEATER--Flying or Falling, Number One Gun, guests (8 pm, all ages), $6

PARAGON--Robert Stewart & Cameron Williams

PINK DOOR--Tony Yazzolino & Steve Kamke, free

RAINBOW--Hair of the Dog, $5

RENDEZVOUS--House Band w/ Uncle Steve (sit ins welcome), free

SCARLET TREE--Jam on White Bread, $3

SHOWBOX GREEN ROOM--19-5, Phokus, Killing Faith, $5

STEEL SKY--Dan Covrett Quartet, free

THE GORGE--Ozzfest: Ozzy Osbourne, System of a Down, Rob Zombie, P.O.D., Adema, Black Label Society, $61.75


TRACTOR TAVERN--Dan Tyack, the Unsactified Gospel Review, $8

TULA'S--Jim Knapp Orchestra, $5/$7


BAD ALBERT'S--Henry Cooper, free

BIT SALOON--Rambling Roberts

CENTRAL SALOON--Daddy's Little Girl, Suzi Homemaker, Track 9, $5

CHOP SUEY--Parklife, $5

* CROCODILE CAFE--Bugs in Amber, Problem With Heroes, Hidari Mae, Aaron Sprinkle, $6

* GRACELAND--The Cherry Valence, Federation X, Shake City, the Arm, $8

I-SPY--Jodi Hates the World, Civilized Animals, Plains of Abraham, the Montauk Project, $6

JAZZ ALLEY--Eric Alexander Quintet, $13.50/$19.50

KISMET--Paul Gabrielson Trio

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Charles White All Star Jam, $5

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Neon Brown (8 pm, all ages)

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Floyd Standifer, free

OLD TIMER'S CAFE--Little Big Man, free

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--The Eric Verlinde Jazz Trio, $3


PARADOX THEATER--The Stereo, the Kicks, Super Magnificent Action Trio, the Gravity Index (8 pm, all ages), $8

PARAGON--The Imaginaires

PINK DOOR--Nova, free

RAINBOW--Reggae Championz, $5

SAFFRON COW--Two Times Two Quartet (7:30 pm, all ages), free

SCARLET TREE--Downstroke, $5

SHOWBOX--Grandmaster Flash, DJ Jam, Livio, $13/$15

STEEL SKY--The Jason Parker Group, $3

TRACTOR TAVERN--Reckless Kelly, Memphis Radio Kings, $8