BAD ALBERT'S--Maxxine Smith, free

BAIT HOUSE--Harmonica Pocket, $5

CATWALK--Madame Peabody, DJ El Toro, $6

CENTRAL SALOON--Counterfist, Alkai Diggins, 1 Against 5, $5

COCA--Degenerate Art Ensemble, Josh Stewart, Sam Michens, Robert Walker, $5/$10

CONOR BYRNE'S--Mark Fitzsimons, free

* CROCODILE CAFE--The Revolutionary Hydra, Rat Cat Hogan, Metric, $6

DUBLINER--Sheryl Wiser

* EASY STREET RECORDS (WEST SEATTLE)--Scott McCaughey, Steve Turner, Ian Moore, Sarah Shannon, Robb Benson, Johnny Sangster, Ben London, Josh White, $5

GALWAY ARMS--Camille Bloom

GRACELAND--Cober, Plains of Abraham, New Death Show, $6

HABANA'S RESTAURANT--Phat Phunk Phamily w/ DJs T-Solo, Sho Nuph

* I-SPY--OnAlaska, Treasure State, Yeek Yak Airforce, Trucker of the Sea, $7

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--Squat, Age of Reason, Mighty Shiny, $5

J&M CAFE--Herding Cats, $3

JAZZ ALLEY--Eddie Palmieri (8 pm, all ages), $17.50/$23.50

KELLS--Pat Buckely

LARRY'S--Trolls Cottage

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP--Peepshow, Laymans Terms, free

LITTLE RED HEN--The Penningtones, free

LOCK AND KEEL--Jeanlizabeth

MONA'S--Quarteto Mango Son

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--The Ham Carson Quintet, $10


OWL 'N' THISTLE--Kim Virant

PARADOX THEATER--SMP, Doll Factory, DJ Sickboi (8 pm, all ages), $8

PARAGON--HB Radke & the Jet City Swingers

PATTI SUMMERS--Patti Summers and Gary Steele

PINK DOOR--Lonnie Williams Jazz Trio, free

POLESTAR MUSIC GALLERY--The Collins-Rea-Scheer String Trio (8 pm, all ages), $6

RAINBOW--Rebelz, Lifee, $6

* RE-BAR--Pho Bang!, $6

RENDEZVOUS--Harry Pierce, guests, $6


SAFFRON COW--Yes Yes Boys (7:30 pm, all ages), free

SCARLET TREE--Das Rut w/ Reggie Watts and P.K., $6

* SEATTLE ART MUSEUM--Light Heavyweight (5:30 pm, all ages), free

SERAFINA--Andrea Dupree & Friends

SHOWBOX GREEN ROOM--The Barbed Wire Cutters, guests, $5

* SIT & SPIN--Dutch Flat, Bellini, 31 Knots, Vermilion, $6

ST. CLOUDS--Hot Club Sandwich

SUNSET TAVERN--Chuck Prophet, Stephanie Finch, $10

TEMPERO DO BRASIL--Urban Oasis, free

THOMPSON'S--Blue Gypsies, free

TOST--Zulu, $5

* TRACTOR TAVERN--Austin Lounge Lizards, $12/$14

VOGUE--The Swarming Hordes, Black Noise Cannon, Wormwood

ZAK'S--Lonesome Teardrops, Flying Dutchmen, $4


BAIT-HOUSE--Bob Early Trio, $5

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--PKE Meter, Atma, Discohesive, $8

* BALTIC ROOM--Jumbalaya, DJ Topspin, $10

CENTRAL SALOON--Ivan, Ellen Says No, Ripley, $8/$10

CHOP SUEY--Houston, the Mines, Volumen, $6

CoCA--Mecca Normal (w/ art show), (8pm, all ages), $5

CONOR BYRNE'S--Joy Mills, Brenda Eiler, $3

CORNER INN--The Empty Shoes Band, free

* CROCODILE CAFE--The Makers, Tyco Party, Post Stardom Depression, New Luck Toy, $7

EMP--Seaspot Magazine Anniversary Party featuring Ju-L, Young Have Not, Phillip Johnson, DJs Mr. Supreme, Chill, Ren 10, Lovesick Larry, $18/$20

EN SEATTLE--Ty Bailie & Friends

FIDDLER'S INN--Eric Apoe, They, $2


GRACELAND--Guttermouth, GOB, 1208, Authority Zero (5 pm, all ages), $12

* GRACELAND--Woke Up Falling, Verona, Poseur, Little Luann (10 pm), $6

HOPVINE--Pearl Django, $2

* I-SPY--Atmosphere, Murs of Living Legends, DJ Bird (5:30 pm, all ages), $15

* I-SPY--Atmosphere, Murs of Living Legends, DJ Bird (10 pm), $12

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--Lance Hofstad, Jodie Watts, Lee Rude & the Train Wrecks, $5

JAZZ ALLEY--Eddie Palmieri (8 pm, all ages), $17.50/$23.50

KELLS--Grafton Street, $4

LAKEPOINTE--Octagon Squad, the Prom Kings, Lucky Stiff

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Gruvbox, $10

LATONA PUB--Paul Benoit, Hugh Sutton, $2

LEGENDS--Blues Attitude, free

LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP--Leon Berman, the Souvenirs, free

LITTLE RED HEN--Shadrack, free

LOCK & KEEL--Crazy Punk Night



MOLLY MAGUIRE'S--Carl Funk, free

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Nature Boy Saints (8 pm, all ages)

MULLEADY'S PUB--Loggerhead, free

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Chris Stevens Band, $10

* OLD FIRE HOUSE (REDMOND)--Gas Huffer, the Briefs, the Hit, Schoolyard Heroes (8 pm, all ages), $6

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Owl & Thistle Band

* PARADOX THEATER--The Start, Q and not U, Noise Ratchet, Dame Fate (8 pm, all ages), $8

PARAMOUNT THEATRE--The Mingus Big Band (8 pm, all ages), $26.50/$39.50

PATTI SUMMERS--Patti Summers and Gary Steele

PINK DOOR--Patrizia and Gabriella, free

POLESTAR MUSIC GALLERY--Wormhole & Matt Crane (8 pm, all ages), $8

RAINBOW--Sunday Morning Music, $5

RENDEZVOUS--Ecstasy in Numbers, $6

ROCK BOTTOM--Jennifer Savage, free

SAFFRON COW--Pre Bob All-Stars (7:30 pm, all ages)

SALTY'S ON ALKI--Korla Wygal

SCARLET TREE--Andy Stokes, $7

SERAFINA--Seattle Express


SHERMAN CLAY--Sherman Clay's 150th Anniversary w/ Illyeanna (7:30 pm), free

SIT & SPIN--Ants Invasion, Rick Baine, Shake City, $7

ST. CLOUDS--Kalass World Music Band

STEEL SKY--Layla Angulo Sextet, $8

SUNSET TAVERN--Chuck Prophet, Stephanie Finch, $10

TRACTOR TAVERN--Clumsy Lovers, Martin Zellar, the Hardways, $10/$12

WAZOBIA--The Eric Scott Band, Late Summer Purple, $7

ZAK'S--Pink Chihuahua, Muddy River Nightmare Band, Cooty Platoon, the Die Jobs, $5


* ARTSWEST--The Legacy of Debussy, $10/$20

BAD ALBERT'S--Blues Healers, $2

BAIT-HOUSE--Bob Early Trio, $5

BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Spiral, 19-5, Jen Savage, Liquorbox, $10

BLUE MOON TAVERN--Matt Squared, Sleepy Workers, free

CATWALK--Girl4Girl: DJ Stacy, $10

CENTRAL SALOON--The Northern Souls, 6fg, Kingpin Hayes, $8/$10

CENTURY BALLROOM--Cambalache, $10

CONOR BYRNE'S--The Malarkey Twins, $3

CORNER INN--Mary McPage, free

CROCODILE CAFE--Kultur Shock, Black Angel, $10

DUBLINER--Nancy Boys, free

EMP--Mark Eitzel, Kasey Anderson (8 pm, all ages), $8/$10

EN SEATTLE--Ms. Flora McGill

EUROPEAN KITCHEN--Grey Beairde, free

FIDDLER'S INN--Woodchoppers, $2

GALWAY ARMS--The John Shipe Band

GRACELAND--Yoyager One, the Bend, Hypatia Lake, the Wives, $7

HABANA'S RESTAURANT--The Rebelz (9:30 pm), $5

HOPVINE--Nate Distelhorst, $2

* I-SPY--Themselves, Alias, Josh Martinez, Onry Ozzborn, Electric Birds, $10

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--The Capillaries, Poleshift Trigger, Kled, $5

JAZZ ALLEY--Eddie Palmieri (8 pm, all ages), $17.50/$23.50

KELLS--Grafton Street, $4

LAKEPOINTE--Medusa, Windowpane, Faceless

LATONA PUB--Anne Reynolds Trio, $2

LEGENDS--Enders Brothers Band, free

* LIQUID LOUNGE AT EMP--Jon Auer, Andrea Maxand, Chris Walla, free

LITTLE RED HEN--Shadrack, free

LOBO INN--26,000 Voltz, 3rd Rail Delivery, Dypak, $5

LOCK & KEEL--Buzz Monkey, New American Standard

MARINA CANTINA--Groovestock, $6


MOLLY MAGUIRE'S--Half Way to Paddy's Day: the Raybone Experience, free

MONA'S--Marco De Cavalho Trio

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--The Nebraska Bush Pullers (8 pm, all ages)

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--The Rent Collectors, $10

O'SHEA'S--The Garrett Smith Show

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--Urban Oasis, $5

OWL 'N' THISTLE--Owl & Thistle Band

* PARADOX THEATER--Waxwing, Gatsbys American Dream (8 pm, all ages), $8

PATTI SUMMERS--Daffodil 11, Twenty, August Spies

PINK DOOR--Finalmente, free

POLESTAR MUSIC GALLERY--An Evening with the SoniCabal (8 pm, all ages), $6

PONCHO CONCERT HALL--In Deep End Dance (CD release), $6/$12

PORTA GREEK TAVERNA--Liz Proios (Greek music)

RAINBOW--Non Grata, SNMNMNM, the Classics, $5

RENDEZVOUS--Neo, Me Infecto, Christopher Blue, $5

ROCK BOTTOM--Danny Godinez, free

ROCKSPORT--Braindead, Kirk Dubb, Shaftgasket, $7

SCARLET TREE--Andy Stokes, $7

SERAFINA--Ruthie Dornfeld

SHARK CLUB (KIRKLAND)--Beatniks, $10

SHOWBOX--Reel Big Fish, the Starting Line, the Kicks (6 pm, all ages), $15/$18

SHOWBOX--The Spacedheadwhere? Alien Fashion Show: DJ Kipp, Doug (11 pm), $10

* SIT & SPIN--Dear John Letters, Sushi Robo, Tagging Satellites, $6

ST. CLOUDS--Mary Lydia Ryan

STEEL SKY--Awkward Star, $8

* SUNSET TAVERN--Rotten Apples, Right On, Party Time, $6

TOMMY'S--Room Zero, $5

TOST--Freeschool: Das Rut, $6

TRACTOR TAVERN--Clumsy Lovers, Martin Zellar, the Hardways, $10/$12

TROLLEYMAN PUB--The Mark Whitman Band, free

ZAK'S--Jimmy Flame & the Sexxxy Boys, Quick 66, guests, $5


BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Faceless, Plan Zero, Table Dancing with Betty, Mudle Head (4 pm, all ages), $8

BALTIC ROOM--Smack, $6


CENTRAL SALOON--Ultrafind, New American Standard, $5

CHINA JADE--Dennis Shadduck, free

FIDDLER'S INN--Antony De Gennaro, $1

FLOYD'S PLACE--Jennifer Savage, free

* GRACELAND--Pretty Girls Make Graves, guests (8 pm, all ages)

GREEN CAT CAFE--DJ Phil Anthony (noon)

INDUSTRIAL COFFEE--Guitar Deformation, Two Guys, Slow Foot, $5

JAZZ ALLEY--Eddie Palmieri (8 pm, all ages), $17.50/$23.50

LE PICHET--Freeschool (2:30 pm), free

LITTLE RED HEN--Jerry & the PhilBillys, free

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--The Orbit 3 Forum (6 pm, all ages)

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--The New Orleans Quintet, Floyd Standifer, the Ham Carson Quintet

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--The Duwamish Dixieland band, $6

* PARAMOUNT THEATRE--Elvis Costello, Phantom Planet (8 pm, all ages), $41.50/$51.50

PATTI SUMMERS--Patti Summers and Gary Steele

PINK DOOR--Alison Wonderland Bacich

SAFFRON COW--Heather Greene (7:30 pm, all ages)

SHOWBOX GREEN ROOM--Jasper the Cat, Camille Bloom, $3

SUNSET TAVERN--Naranja, Greater Than, Michael Perry, $5

TEMPERO DO BRASIL--Marco de Carvalho Trio

TOST--Fading Collection, $5

TRACTOR TAVERN--Sunday Morning Music, $8


BALLARD FIREHOUSE--Nemesis of Morality, 3 Shades of Gray, Mystic Rising, $5

BELLTOWN BILLIARDS--Brian Nova & Funk 69

CENTRAL SALOON--Metal Monday: Beef Kurtain, Torn, Killed by Death, $5

* GRACELAND--Monday Funday!: C.O.C.O., Headphone, DJs Franki Chan, Red Leather Chapstick, $4

HOPVINE--Volunteer Muse, Casting Shadows, Joy Mills, free

J&M CAFE--The Rubberband, free

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Open Air, free

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--The New Orleans Quintet, free

* PARADOX THEATER--The Nathan Smurthwaite Foundation, Tableland, Daniel Thrall (8 pm, all ages), $5

PATTI SUMMERS--Patti Summers and Gary Steele



SHOWBOX GREEN ROOM--Robert Lopez (aka El Vez), Manuela, free

SORRY CHARLIE'S--Scot Lee Jazz Duo

ST. CLOUDS--Tom Bennett & the Rolling Blackouts

THE PENNY CAFE--Trio Viejo (7 pm, all ages)

TRACTOR TAVERN--Dan Tyack & the Unsactified Gospel Revival Review, $6

TYPHOON RESTAURANT--Reggie Goings Group, free


CHINA HARBOR--John Holte's Radio Rhythm Orchestra, $5

CHOP SUEY--Loop Loop: Byron Vannoy, John Silverman, Jay Roulston, DJs Mark E Quark, Brian Lyons, Ken Wallace, J Justice, $5

CONOR BYRNE'S--Open mic, free

CROCODILE CAFE--Sinestro, Lila, Problem with Heroes, $6

DRAGONFISH--Jon Markel, Ty Bailie

* GRACELAND--Money Mark, A.I., Lamp Lighter (8 pm, all ages), $10

I-SPY--Seldom, Argo, $6

JAZZ ALLEY--Kenny Rankin (8 pm, all ages), $17.50/$19.50

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--The Tim Turner Band, free

LITTLE RED HEN--Tommy Westley & Don Kellogg, free

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Spirit Tuck (8 pm, all ages)

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Ham Carson & Friends, free


OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--John Bishop, $3

OWL 'N' THISTLE--B-Bop & Destruction

PARADOX THEATER--The Local Show: Alkai Diggins, Esitu, Greater Than, Hungry for Colors (8 pm, all ages), $7

PARAGON--Robert Stewart & Cameron Williams

PATTI SUMMERS--Patti Summers and Gary Steele

PINK DOOR--Offshore Bookies, free

RAINBOW--Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, * (Pi), $5

* RE-BAR--Local 101, $5

ROX BROILER (KENMORE)--Herding Cats, $5

SCARLET TREE--Jam on White Bread, $3

SHOWBOX--The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Liars, $15/$20

STEEL SKY--Dan Covrett Quartet, free

SUNSET TAVERN--No. 226, special guests, $5

TEMPERO DO BRASIL--Marco de Carvalho

TOST--The Skylounge: Obelus, Kris Moon, Skylobby, $5

TRACTOR TAVERN--Garrison Starr, Scenic Wonders, $8/$10

VOGUE--English Disco, Track 9, DJ Nightbreed, Domanatrix Roxy, $6



BAD ALBERT'S--Little Bobby Sumptner, free

* BALTIC ROOM--ROBO.trash: Inkblot, Supersprite, Solenoid, Erock, $5

BIT SALOON--Rambling Roberts

CENTRAL SALOON--Slop Shot, I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House, Drag Strip Riot, $5

* CROCODILE CAFE--Carissa's Wierd, Iron and Wine (CD release), Aveo, $7

GRACELAND--Civilized Animal, Mind Head, guests, $5

HOPVINE--Open mic

I-SPY--Rockstar Crush, Loveless and the Goodnight Trail, Rock Around Mexico, the Femurs, $6

JAZZ ALLEY--Joshua Redman Elastic Band (8 pm, all ages), $19.50/$23.50

LARRY'S BLUES CAFE--Charles White All Star Jam, $5

MR. SPOT'S CHAI HOUSE--Neon Brown (8 pm, all ages)

NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANT--Floyd Standifer, free

* OLD FIRE HOUSE (REDMOND)--Robert Blake, Amy Mahardy, Mike Turpen, Greg Flores (8 pm, all ages), $3

OLD TIMER'S CAFE--Little Big Man, free

OLD TOWN ALEHOUSE--The Eric Verlinde Jazz Trio, $3


PARADOX THEATER--Fairweather, Liars Academy, Open Hand, Code Seven (8 pm, all ages), $10

PARAGON--The Imaginaires

PATTI SUMMERS--Patti Summers and Gary Steele

RAINBOW--Cubata, $5

SAFFRON COW--Jazz Strings (7:30 pm, all ages), free

SCARLET TREE--Downstroke, $5

SHERMAN CLAY--Lisa Bergman, Vera Nikolova

* SHOWBOX--The Pharcyde, the High & Mighty, Afura, $20

TRACTOR TAVERN--Fairport Convention, Equation, $18/$20

ZAK'S--Platonic Bondage, guests, $4