The Seattle DJ/production duo Jacob London (AKA Dave Pezzner and Bob Hansen) are celebrating the release of their "Casual Bingo" 12-inch on Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon's esteemed Classic Music label by throwing a party at Chop Suey this Friday with Freaks' Justin Harris. Jacob London have built a reputation for producing quirky, funky electrified beats influenced by techno, house, and hiphop, with an irreverent approach akin to Mr. Scruff's Andy Carthy. On the eve of their big party, I e-mailed with Jacob London (who, in interviews, sometimes speak as one) about the big event.

How did you get hooked up with Classic?

I exploited the mighty Jacob London industry pull in order to schmooze with Derrick Carter, or De'Rock, as he likes me to refer to him now.

(Wait a minute! There's "Jacob London industry pull"? Great--we're always the last to hear about these kinds of things. Maybe now we won't have to pay cover at our own release party!)

[Viva Recordings'] Rick Preston had heard some of our newer material and made a comment that he thought Classic Records would buy the tracks. We said, "No way!" but then he bet Bob $20 that they would. Two weeks later, Dave called [Rick] to inform him that he was the proud owner of $20.

Seriously, though, I think this is a positive acknowledgment of the Seattle electronic/dance scene. What are your thoughts on our scene? And please don't give me that "It was so much better 50 years ago in our super-secret underground warehouse with our nine-year-old raver friends" shit!

It's a fairly small scene, but it's a tight one. It's loads of fun, as long as you know which of the one or two clubs in the city people actually go to on a regular basis. On a more output-based level, Seattle is really going to leave a mark over the next few years. We've been seeing a lot of really passionate and talented people trying to spread the Seattle love lately: Tilted, LawnChair Generals, Ryan Frondozo, Mat Anderson, Viva, Matt Corwine, etc, etc.

Bob, your Busta Rhymes bootleg was quite tasty... have you guys received any calls from 50 Cent or Norah Jones for remixes yet?

We have gotten some calls from Norah Jones, but not for remixes. Something about a "restraining order" or some such nonsense.

Jacob London Release Party w/Justin Harris, Fri April 11 at Chop Suey, 1325 E Madison St, 324-8000, 9pm-2 am, 21+, $10.