Remaining consistent in its output of quality experimental dance and jazz-based music since the early '90s, Ubiquity Records is harboring yet another artist committed to pushing the boundaries of electronic, beat-driven music: Atlanta's P'taah, AKA Chris Brann, who performs Thursday at the second installment of the Ubiquity monthly at the Baltic Room.

Brann first gained notoriety for his chart-climbing house productions in Wamdue Project. Rather than capitalizing on that success, though, he chose to further experiment with musicians, song structure, and influences. Going under the name P'taah, Brann's newer project combines elements of jazz, soul, funk, and drum 'n' bass, creating a fusion that easily lands under the broken beat label. With influences like Herbie Hancock, Sun Ra, and Chick Corea, Brann's P'taah projects ride heavily on an avant jazz feel, using live players like vocalist Terrance Downs and keyboard virtuoso Julius Speed.

On P'taah's third release, Staring at the Sun, Brann says he's worked out the bugs of breaking away from the house-heavy Wamdue Project and is now more focused on achieving the sound that he was originally pursuing. "I think with Staring at the Sun, I've reached a different paradigm in that I've turned off that action/reaction mechanism and am now able to cultivate things in a more honest way." After a brief intro, Staring at the Sun kicks in with the stuttering, Rhodes-driven "Become Who You Are," and Afro rhythms, percussion, cyclical bass lines, and organic instrumentation--with just a hint of electronic flair--make it hard to distinguish whether this album was cut in 1975 or 2005. If you're not used to listening to nu jazz and broken beat, this might be a little heavy on the easy listening side of things--it's no coincidence that the track "Hold You Close" was featured on Naked Music's Carte Blanche 3.

Brann will be playing a live PA set, so it'll be interesting to see what kind of electronic gear he chooses to haul out to re-create his organic studio work. But here's a little tip if you plan to hit this show: Prepare for a little kicking back, as it will probably be more geared toward relaxed listening, head nodding, and drink sipping than dancing. NICOLAE WHITE

P'taah w/J-Justice and Atlee, Thurs April 24 at the Baltic Room, 1207 Pine St, 625-4444, 9 pm-2 am, 21+, $