In case you haven't heard the news, Kate Becker, Redmond's own superwoman and the driving force behind the Old Fire House, is leaving. Yup, she's moving on to pursue other exciting ventures, and May 25 will be her last day at the OFH. Of course there will be a huge going-away show/party in her honor (featuring the Blood Brothers, Rocky Votolato, and Akimbo), but in the meantime ('cause she's not gone yet!) if you have any kind words or funny stories, or if you just want to say thanks and goodbye, send an e-mail to The Fire House folks will be posting some of the letters on their website (

As for my own letter: Thank you, Kate, for your years of hard work, dedication, and amazing influence. Sincerely.

The Vera Project, another all-ages organization that Kate has had a hand in, is hosting a show this Friday (May 2) that all you rock-and-roll-lovin' young ladies should be in attendance for--it's a benefit for the Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls! That's right, there's a camp for young women that's all about the rock-and-roll (oh, if only I were 16 again).

The weeklong day camp--focused on teaching girls age eight to 18 everything they need to know to make their rock-band dreams come true--takes place in Portland, Oregon. The next rock camp runs June 16-21. For more information, applications, or to volunteer, call 503-445-4991 or visit

Friday's benefit show features local rock-friendly bands like the Bangs, the Stuck-Ups, Ms. Led, and the Catch. It's only $7 ($6 if ya got a club card), and it starts at 8 pm.

And finally, on a personal note, I just want to apologize to Dolour for making fun of leadman Shane Tutmarc's cheekbones in past issues of The Stranger. When Shane and co. opened for Matt Sharp at the Crocodile on April 22, their pop songs were lively and charming, Shane was funny and nice, and it made me feel like an asshole for not giving their music a fair chance in the past. So Dolour, I'm sorry, you're very good. And Shane, your cheekbones aren't nearly as intimidating in person as they are on poster. They're actually quite nice. My apologies. MEGAN SELING

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