KORT HAUS6732 Greenwood Ave N, 782-3575KORT HAUS is a charming, schizophrenic oddity. Despite its name, the only thing Deutsch you'll find in the place is some Pilsner Urquell. Even weirder, rather than pimping mother Germany, Kort Haus instead evokes a true slice of rural America. The wood paneling, the pool tables, the trophy-hunter video game, the burger menu--which includes wild boar, reindeer, venison, antelope, and buffalo--all transport you to some roadside tavern in Okanogan County. The only thing missing is some taxidermy on the walls. On the other hand, unlike its small-town cousins, the Kort Haus now serves booze (thanks to the recent Great Seattle Liquor Revolution), and I'd trade that for a deer head any damn day. SCOTT McGEATH