RX Bandits, No Motiv, Fairweather, North Star, All That's Left: Thurs July 10, Graceland, 8 pm, $10

Rocky Votolato, the Casket Lottery, Bugs in Amber: Thurs July 10, Studio Seven, 6 pm, $8

Kalibas, Swarming Hordes, Myiasis: Thurs July 10, Studio Seven, 10 pm, $8

INTERROGATION, DEK, SUB-MOTIVE: Fri July 11, the Brick House (Golden Gardens Teen Center), 7 pm, $3

Eric Goetz: Fri July 11, Borders Books & Music (downtown), 6 pm, free

Little Wings, Bobby Birdman, Ghost to Falco: Fri July 11, CoCA, 9 pm, $5

Me Infecto, Hugs and Crutches, Gods Among Men, Crawl Not Walk: Fri July 11, Downtown YMCA, 7 pm, $5

Rilo Kiley, M Ward & a Band of four, Calvin Johnson, the Golden Age: Fri July 11, Graceland, 5 pm, $10

Blue Spark, Fiia McGann: Fri July 11, Mr. Spot's Chai House, 8 pm, free

The Briefs, the Exploding Hearts, Tattle Tales, the Unlovables: Fri July 11, Old Fire House, 8 pm, $8

Mindhead, the Pale, In Praise of Folly, the Draft: Fri July 11, Studio Seven, 8 pm, $8

KAITO: Sat July 12, Sonic Boom Records (Capitol Hill), 4 pm, free

AMBEYENCE, DANGER RADIO, ALL THAT'S LEFT, LUDICROUS SPEED: Sat July 12, the Brick House (Golden Gardens Teen Center), 7 pm, $3

THE MILKBAR--Nothing Sacred, Royale, From the Icy Coast, the Mu, the Femers, Sonafield: Sat July 12, Downtown YMCA, 6 pm, $6

Cornucopia, Positively Negative, Northpole Society, the Cause, Mind Candy, Chief, Anti-Everything, Karate High School, the Pranks: Sat July 12, Studio Seven, 6 pm, $5

Mark Growden, Ben Roseth Quartet: Sat July 12, Mr. Spot's Chai House, 8 pm, free

Charlie Spring & Bill Wolford, Paul Fischer Trio: Sun July 13, Mr. Spot's Chai House, 6 pm, free

Rosie Thomas, Denison Witmer, Jeff Hanson, Daniel G. Harmann: Sun July 13, Studio Seven, 8 pm, $9

Alien Ant Farm, Die Trying, Strata: Mon July 14, Graceland, 8 pm, $10

Ice T & Body Count, Anybody Killa, E-Sham the Boogie Man: Mon July 14, Studio Seven, 8 pm, $22.50/$25

REGGIE WATTS: Tues July 15, Sonic Boom Records (Capitol Hill), 7 pm, free

Billy Reese Peters, Grabass Charlestons, Tiltwheel: Tues July 15, 2nd Avenue Pizza, 6 pm, $5

Reggie & the Full Effect, Midtown, a Static Lullaby, Motion City Soundtrack: Tues July 15, Graceland, 8 pm, $12.50

Afro Celt, Planet Earth, Darek Mazzone: Tues July 15, Showbox, 7 pm, $23/$25

Knockout, Beef Kurtain, Braindead: Tues July 15, Studio Seven, 8:30 pm, $3

CYMEK VS MENTAT, WADE AMONGST THE DEAD, YES, THE WITCH MUST DIE: Wed July 16, Doppio Espresso, 7:30 pm, free

Majority Rule, the Clarendon Hills, Knulla Roofs, guests: Wed July 16, 2nd Avenue Pizza, 6 pm, $5

Cognitive Dissidents--Los Sonic Cabellieros: Wed July 16, Coffee Messiah, 8 pm, donation requested

4-Alarm--Amy Mahardy, guests: Wed July 16, Old Fire House, 7 pm, free