If there's one thing I regret in 2003, it's not being mean enough. After reading through a year's worth of my columns, I realized that I probably come off as a lunatic who's in love with everything and never utters a negative word about anyone. Not true! I find a lot of bands quite stupid and pointless--I just never write about them. Why waste good space on something lame when I could focus my energy on something rad?

But while I've often been proud of my ability to always see the silver lining in music, I wish I'd let loose now and again to give a few bands the swift kick in the ass that they deserve.

Hey, Saves the Day, I'm talking to you.

While I've never really been a huge fan of STD, their early stuff wasn't so bad. I even like a couple tracks off of 2001's Stay What You Are. But their latest release, their major-label debut, In Reverie... all I can ask is WHO LET THIS HAPPEN? Have you heard it? It's terrible! Why is Chris Conley trying to sing like a prepubescent choirboy? And why does every song sound the same!? Ew! No! I can't think about it anymore--it's bad.

And was anyone at the Piebald show at Graceland back in July? Man, have those guys turned out to be a bunch of sissies! Not only were they sportin' stupid-looking beards, they were pullin' out acoustic guitars to play folk/country/pop songs! Don't do that! Even the good songs, the tracks from If It Weren't for Venetian Blinds It Would Be Curtains for Us All, were slowed down and sissified. Their performance was boring, unenthusiastic, and lame.

Speaking of lame, anyone hear the new MxPx record, Before Everything & After? The album art alone is side-splittingly laughable (Buddyhead.com's right in comparing it to a Diesel ad... although I found it a bit more Gap-ish myself). And the line "Drive-in movies always make you sleep/You end up copping ZZZ's in my backseat" makes the band worthy of crucifixion.

Know who else I don't like? Vendetta Red. Never have. And Chevelle's performance earlier this month at 107.7 The End's Deck the Hall Ball made me yawn. Not only that, but I wanted someone to tell the bassist to put his frickin' shirt back on (Rancid and AFI, on the other hand, were fabulous)!

But kids, as fun as it's been being a little meaner, using this space to talk about everything I think is retarded isn't my style, and really it's quite exhausting. Buddyhead is better at being bent out of shape than me, anyway, so why try? I'm glad I got all that negativity off my chest, but if y'all don't mind, I'm not going to make a habit out of it. MEGAN SELING