If I could only find a boy like the hopelessly romantic and endearingly clueless Duckie Dale (you know, Molly Ringwald's geeky best friend in the John Hughes-written 1986 masterpiece Pretty in Pink), then I'd be a girl in love. Sigh. The way he serenaded his objet d'amour with Otis Redding, his goofy new-wavish style... yes please!

But I'm not Molly Ringwald. And there really is no Duckie. And that's fine, I'm learning to sadly accept that.

But almost as good as the idea of Duckie is the idea of the Old Fire House's Punk Rock Prom. Every year the Redmond all-ages venue has a dance built around a concept, offering a badass alternative to the badly DJ'd and typical high-school affairs. This year's theme is (brilliantly) Pretty in Pink. I might not be able to attend with Duckie--and my dad probably won't buy me a secondhand dress that I can use my sewing skills and keen fashion sense to whip into a strange pink tent-like number, after which I'd show up to the prom stag after a thoughtless, rich prettypants boy broke my heart (I'd go just to prove to everyone that they didn't break me)--but it'll still be a good time.

Olympia's the Strangers open the evening, a band that makes good use of the accordion. I've never been to a prom with an accordionist (well, technically I've never been to a real prom, but whatever), but these guys blend that unusual instrument with a mixture of punk and folk that comes together in a raucous brand of rock 'n' roll.

The Snacks are also playing the prom, a lo-fi pop punk group (featuring Lacey Swain from the Charming Snakes) that'll make your tummy growl with delicious dance numbers about food--snacks mainly, of course, like cookies--and it's cute. Especially when they throw treats out at the crowd.

Headlining the event are the Fitness and Hint Hint--my favorite local new wave/punk/awesome band--who will close out the evening with their keyboard-heavy sass that's sure to make for everyone gettin' their dance on.

Like any other prom, the Old Fire House will be providing all the necessities, from a photo booth to refreshments (cupcakes, mocktails, stuff like that), but because this isn't your average school function, there will also be a fortune telling booth and costume contest (personally, I'd look to the outrageous Miss Annie Potts' character in Pretty in Pink for my costume ideas... just a tip). The doors open at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday night, and it's five bucks if you come dressed up (six if you don't).

Now, as Duckie would say, I'm off like a dirty shirt. MEGAN SELING


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