"Oi!" 'Sup, mate? Can't quite bring yourself to like Dizzee Rascal yet, but still curious about the new sound of London? Well, if you ain't up on that grime shite yet, check Run the Road, the excellent new comp out on Vice Records. The stripped-down, fucked-up-on-cough-syrup beats, crazy slang, and unfamiliar patois of the grime scene may be an acquired taste, but there's definitely something fresh bubbling over there and it hasn't yet gotten lame and contrived. Speaking of the UK, ya boy Nas almost got a taste of some street discipline when some rudeboy climbed onstage at his show in London and proceeded to lick shots at the ceiling, bringing an end to the show with the quickness. Maybe he took "Got Ur Self a Gun" too literally.

"When I'm on the mic I take no slack/And every time that you see me I'm carryin' a gat…"

A big RIP goes out to West Coast innovator Mixmaster Spade, who passed recently following complications from a motorcycle accident. Spade was an architect of the L.A. rap scene best known for collaborating with Toddy Tee (of "Batterram" fame), his OG sing-song flow, and for helping a gang of fools get on back in the day.

I wanna send a shout to my guy Ben at Crisis Clothing (www.crisis1.com)… 'cause I'm reppin' the 206 lovely right now in my North Face-inspired "The North West" T-shirt--good lookin'… Okay, lemme correct my previous reporting that Yo, Son! (now found at the War Room) was moving back to Sundays… It is in fact staying on Saturday nights and now features the one and only B-Mello… All this excitement confused me, folks, sorry. What's more, on Fridays (starting April 8) the upstart venue is bringing y'all "Rags to Riches," a new night that starts off with "indie dance mashups" courtesy of DJs JewK Box and Colby B, then brings you the finest in NYC/Dirty South rap, electro, and '80s/'90s throwbacks via selecta Four Color Zach. Got-damn, that's a lotta hipster bait; don't get it twisted, tho, you can bet I'll be checkin' this one--especially since it's FREE!

L.I.F.E. , Tacoma's new hiphop education program, will launch April 2. Program directors Fab5 have mapped out an innovative arts-education and development program with courses that include topics like intro to DJing, breaking, and urban arts. For more info visit www.fab-5.org or contact dan@fab-5.org.

Speaking of hiphop edjumacation, y'all need to go get that One Be Lo album S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. , like, now. It's pretty goddamn good, sporting Lo's limber, interlocking flow, keen observations, and honest expression (evoking the best moments of former crew Binary Star's classic debut). The timeless true-skool feel makes for some real '05 b-boy theme music, only appropriate seeing as the Ann Arbor, Michigan, MC is official Massive Monkees fam.

Excessive plastic surgery. Inexplicably lightening skin. High-profile courtroom drama. No, not him, I'm referring to Lil' Kim, recently found guilty of perjuring herself in the case of that lil' shootout outside Hot 97 some time ago over her lil' beef with Foxy Brown… so when can we get a daily E! reenactment of this one?