It's hot. In fact, as I type this, the temperature outside has passed 80 degrees. Phew. When the weather gets like this, of course, that means two things: It's the beginning of summer and the end of school!

To celebrate the close of another academic year, the kids at Nova High School have thrown together a big ol' rock show on Friday, June 3. Almost a dozen bands, all featuring students from Nova's band class, will grace the Vera stage to show off their talents for friends, family, and classmates. The event starts at 7:30 p.m. and costs only $5 with a Vera club card. Unfortunately, since many of the bands are young and new, I wasn't able to get my hands on any music, so I can't give you any idea of what to expect. But with a roster boasting names like Isaac & the Newtons, Dirty Hippie Rhythm Section, Tiny Pink Electric Chair, and Crap Shrapnel, no doubt you'll get an earful of something creative.

If you need a dose of the familiar, though, the Fall of Troy are playing at the Paradox Friday night with local loopy, thrashy hardcore band Antlers. Antlers fans should note that the group has recently released a 7-inch with Mikaela's Fiend, another local outfit that likes to scream and hit the drums really hard. You can order a copy at for only three bucks. (Speaking of Mikaela's Friend, they're playing at the Vera Project Saturday night, June 4, with Doomsday 1999, Akimbo, the Assailant, Bullet Train to Vegas, and others. Show starts at 7:30 p.m. and costs $5 with a club card.)

And since school's almost out, you can go to rock shows whenever the hell you want! Even if it's the middle of the week! I suggest making your way to Neumo's on Tuesday, June 7, for Pinback, Pleaseeasaur, and Tic Code. Highly underrated, Pinback's layered, laid-back indie rock has a smooth vibe with the kinds of experimental sounds that can only be discovered after hours of patient fiddling around. Their songs are complex and dynamic, but not overbearing, moving like waves and shifting moods with a slight turn of a knob. Even when they're long over, their music still hauntingly lingers in your head.

Opening act Pleaseeasaur are less on the cool indie rock tip and more a silly spectacle. Dressed in a furry white, uh, I think maybe it's a polar bear outfit, the creature at hand uses a lot of props and video installations to back his random, funny, and weirdly childlike songs about snakes and stuff. So long as you have an open mind and a sense of humor, you should be able to embrace the goofiness. MEGAN SELING

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