Date: Thurs May 26
Place: Kincora Pub, 518 E Pine St
Time: 8:45 pm

I hadn't set foot in Kincora in a good five years or so-and even back then, I was only there to buy the insanely good coffee they'd sell from an espresso stand tucked just inside the front door. Clearly I've been missing out, because the first thing I notice when I walk in on this sweltering Thursday evening is the jukebox, which appears to have been custom-programmed to suit my tastes. I have never encountered a jukebox containing Judas Priest's fine first album, Rocka Rolla, and I'm equally shocked and delighted with the discovery of it along with a pleasing array of quality '80s metal and punk. The place is slowly filling up with cute skater kids here to watch a screening of Podge Elvenstar's video magazine, Wheeled Sword: State of Skate, and the air is heavy with that collective buzz that happens when Seattle has its first real summer day. I'm sure every bar on Capitol Hill is making a killing tonight and Kincora is no exception, judging by the furrowed brow of the bartender and the plethora of empty Pacifico cases scattered about. Two cantankerous characters sitting next to me are faux-fighting over the lone bowl of pretzels. One shouts "Give me a pretzel, you cunt!" and lunges at the hand of his companion, temporarily getting the attention of a table of pretty girls chatting over pints. "Starpower" by Sonic Youth is playing on the jukebox as I watch another skater shoot down Pine Street and eventually stop with impressive precision at the front door. A smiling fellow (presumably Elvenstar) is working with the bartender to rig up the video projector, apologizing sporadically as cords dangle and swing from the ceiling just above my head. When the video starts, the crowd squeezes in tighter to get a view of the screen and begins uttering the collective exclamations that are inevitable when watching hearty young souls fly through the air and occasionally rack their balls on guardrails. HANNAH LEVIN