Date: Sun Sept 25

Place: Duck Island Ale House, 7317 Aurora Ave N

Time: 11:37 pm

Reason number 1,537 that I can't wait to move out of "Capitol Hell" and take up residence in a more northern neighborhood: quality punk bars like this. Duck Island is owned by the same folks who run the adjacent Beth's Cafe and it takes its name from the "island" in the middle of Green Lake that the local duck population has covered with a slowly calcifying coating of shit. Naming your bar after such a decrepit landmark is hilarious in itself, but when the gregarious bartender hands me an icy serving of white Belgium ale in an awkward glass that's nearly as big as my head, I can't stop giggling. With its scruffy, black-and-white tiled floors and battered, chrome-legged bar stools, the place feels like a punk-rock version of a '50s diner. The jukebox is downright dreamy, packed with selections from Minor Threat, the Damned, N.W.A., the Dead Boys, and Guns N' Roses. An adorable redhead in a Radiohead shirt is flirting with her date at one table, while a jovial group of regulars at the bar discuss the joys of watching Sealab 2021 and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I could live in this place. HANNAH LEVIN