The Dock is one of those bars I find incredibly comforting. On 9/11, when my friends and I realized we had to tear ourselves away from the news and escape to cocktail land, this was the obvious choice. Other than the Baranoff, it's one of the most spacious dive bars in the city: The dining room area alone is cafeteria-sized, there's more space around the corner for the perpetually utilized pool table, and the outdoor deck could probably hold 50 people. However, my favorite nook is the actual bar, a cozier area with a handful of tables, a stellar digital jukebox where you can download almost anything, and a gorgeous dark wood bar inlaid with decoupaged Vargas girl images. These factors alone are reason enough to become a regular here, but it's really the staff that keeps me coming back. The owner seems to have a talent for hiring only whip-smart, funny, and take-no-bullshit women to run the place. Tonight Kim Mayer is in charge of my margaritas, mixing precisely and remaining impressively engaging despite the fact this is her fifth day in a row of working the closing shift. HANNAH LEVIN