The charming duet of Cafe Venus and its adjacent Mars Bar is jointly owned by Katy Aversenti and Mark Himple and attracts a pleasantly eclectic crowd that varies depending on the hour of the day. "That's part of the reason I [bought into] this place," explains Himple, muddling limes into a future margarita with vigorous enthusiasm. "In the daytime we'll get corporate people, in the afternoon we'll get the after-work crowd—a lot of blue collar—and then at night it's the hipster contingent. I've never worked in a bar that's this diverse. But the one thing they have in common is that everybody is very, very laid back." As Himple discusses his future plans to open a screen-printing business, he tends to his happy-hour regulars with a graceful combination of affection and discipline, silently pouring a beer for one customer before they finish what's in front of them and gently wagging a finger at another who tries to exit through the bar's side door. "It's not really a main destination for people, so the crowds we get are just here to spend time with their friends and relax." HANNAH LEVIN