Last week, The Stranger's 2006 Musicians' Directory hit the stands, and as one of the poor (I mean lucky) bastards who had to edit the thing, I noticed something... I know very little about the music in this city. I mean, I suppose it's fair to say I know more than the average music fan, seeing as how it is my job and I am surrounded by it all day, every day. I'm constantly talking to people about new bands and old bands and even bands that have never existed but should. But still, there were over 1,000 local bands listed in the Musicians' Directory, and more are being added every day at I hadn't even covered half of 'em.

I decided it was time to whittle down that enormous list, so this past week, I tore into the pages of the directory and pulled out a few bands whose names I've been putting into the calendar for years, but have never actually paid any attention to. Here's to making up for lost time.

Dig the Particulars: They cite Phish, Muse, and Mars Volta as influences, ya dig? But Dig the Particulars' song "Out of the City" sounds more like a psychedelic jam band trying to cover Wilco trying to cover Pink Floyd. I didn't hear any Mars Volta come into play, but there was a little Muse in the spacey harmonies. I bet the bassist wears his bass really high.

Suretoss: In one photo posted in the directory, members of Suretoss are playing Tron. Ten bonus points. Then they cite the underrated Superchunk and Eric's Trip as influences. Ten more points! But, ultimately, the most points are earned with their earnest and power-pop-infused indie rock. It's sweet without being too saccharine.

Oops, I Stepped in Some Christ: It's a name that paints a visual you can't ignore—stepping on Jesus. While Oops, I Stepped in Some Christ don't have any music available on the website, I still couldn't resist mentioning them for the name alone. Apparently they're a crust band, and I like very few crust bands, but I'm still anxious to hear what stepping in some Christ might sound like. (E-mail me when music is up, fellas—or ladies—I wanna hear it.)

Kiss Her for the Kid: Named after a line from a Bob Dylan song, Kiss Her for the Kid's male vocalist sounds slightly reminiscent of the Dismemberment Plan's Travis Morrison. I love the Dismemberment Plan (RIP). KHFTK's power pop is snappy and less funky than the D-Plan, with a pinch of punk. But just a little.

Four down and only 996 to go... Band not listed? Missed your chance to get into the directory? Nay! You can always add your band online at Maybe next time it'll be your band I stop ignoring. MEGAN SELING