The ultimate in underage dance events happens this weekend. Know what it is? No, it's not another new-wave or rave scene that's going to be littered with teenagers (not that there's anything wrong with that). This one is strictly for the kids. No, really, the kids. The KEXP-sponsored Father's Day Kids Dance Party happens Sunday 2 pm, June 18, at Chop Suey, and is open to children 10 and younger, as well as their parents. And just like any legit dance party would, it features some great local DJs including Riz Rollins, Kevin Cole, and Darek Mazzone.

Beloved KEXP DJ John Richards, who will host the afternoon's festivities, came up with the idea last Halloween after the Seattle radio station invited families to trick-or-treat at the station. Despite the evening being put together on a whim, he says, the organizers were all blown away by how many people came out with their children. Richards, who has a 22-month-old son named Arlie, started noticing just how many KEXP listeners were also parents when he became one himself.

"Once I talked about Arlie and being a new parent on the air, people came out of the woodwork saying they had young kids and loved hearing about him and knowing there were others who could listen to great music and be a parent," he says. "Music is ageless."

While the music at the dance party will be played at a slightly lower volume, appropriate for young ears, don't expect a playlist that's riddled with hits from Barney and The Wiggles. "For the most part, I believe that kids can listen to a lot of what their parents are listening to and get much more out of it. I would expect to hear just a really fun, upbeat mix you've grown to love from those three DJs!"

Unfortunately for those who didn't already buy their $6 tickets, the event is sold out, but it's great news for Art with Heart, the charity that the event benefits. Art with Heart will provide art supplies for the kids, and there will also be breakdancing from Jeromeskee, who, Richards says, is a world-champion breakdancer. Jeromeskee will be offering the kids a quick lesson in the art form. "I'm pretty sure little kids are going to freak out when they see breakdancing live," Richards says. I concur. There will also be snacks for the kids and beers for the parents at the bar.

Richards adds, "For me, I've been lucky in that my son has been able to see tons of in-studios and our events at the Triple Door, so he's already seen more bands play than I did by the time I was 21! But to be able to dance around to three of the best DJs in the city with a bunch of other crazed kids is just something beyond special."