Mesmerized by this silhouetted pine tree, I wrote Frida Clements to learn of its origins. "I just created the silhouette from a found photo," she wrote, "No biggie." Intrigued by her nonchalance, I pressed on. "I jump at the chance to design rock posters," she explained. "It's a total labor of love for me, even though I work full-time and I have two kids, which means all of my poster designing takes place late at night when I'm all bleary-eyed and my brain is gone." It doesn't show, and in her own words, "Sometimes the best ideas come at one in the morning."

Audioasis Live

Ms. Led, Unnatural Helpers, Coconut Coolouts, Iceage Cobra, Vindaloo

Sat Dec 2, High Dive, 6 pm, $6, 21+.