Look at 'em run, too scared to pull they guns

Outta shape from them coffees and themcinnamon buns...

—dead prez

I remember a great moment at the recent, kick-ass Lifesavas CD release at Chop Suey, during their performance of "Resist." As the PDX trio implored, "Unite, People's Army—enlist!" someone in the front row proudly brandished a red, black, and green flag. To that cat—and to all of you—I suggest that on Friday, May 25—what would be the 82nd birthday of El-Malik Hajj El-Shabazz aka Malcolm X—find your way up to the Capitol Hill Arts Center for a performance from stic.man and M1, known better as the mighty People's Army and RBG Family representatives dead prez. Say what you want but DP's got that crazy shit—and their blistering '04 album Revolutionary but Gangsta was one of the last rap albums to make my heartbeat speed up at all—it's uncompromising, economically produced, and the rawest political-minded rap since the glory days of Chuck, Cube, Paris, and Kam. Much love and respect to their comrades the Coup, but nobody's doing political hiphop with the fire of dead prez. Yet as much of a fan of theirs as I am, I haven't yet brought myself to check their 2006 collabo LP with the Outlawz, Can't Sell Dope Forever—simply because I will always hate the Outlawz so incredibly much. Sorry, Pac stans.

Brought to you by the very good folks at Laced Up (the new gear spot on East Pike Street), dead prez's It's Bigger than Hip Hop tour also features Umi of RBG Family/P.O.W., and a gang of top-cut NW talent, including Def Poet Laura "Piece" Kelly (who recently dropped the dope Street Stories LP, more on this soon), Block Burner General Redskin, Portland's decorated Mic Crenshaw, 206 trues Dred-i, the gifted Rajnii Eddins (can I get a "Fuck the SPD"?), Dirty-O, Ayes, 2 Mil, Rik Rude feat. B. Awake, and DJ DV One ("One more time—fuck the police!"). The night jumps off with young artists representing B.R.I.C.K. Magazine (By Real Inner City Kids).

I'm sure y'all saw M-1 on Faux News's Your World more than holding his own against host Neil Cavuto last month; apparently they thought they had booked some be-grilled idiot rapper. Never rising to bullshit bait (even when Cavuto mistakenly insisted that M1 "got rich off rap" and made a habit of calling women "hos"—fire your fact-checker, dog), M coolly engaged Cavuto and sonned him admirably—even I still can't justify the absolute "Stop Snitchin" code that M1 seemingly cosigned. I've said it before and I'll say it again: A community adopting prison ethics en masse is not the road to empowerment. A college grad I ain't, but it doesn't add up to me.

Oh yeah—gotta shout out my brother from Franklin: Sunday, May 27, at Trinity is "SweetCakes," a star-studded birfday bash for Soul Gorilla's hustler-at-large, Bryan "B-Boy" Worthing, featuring Mr. Supreme, DJ Scene, and Dyme Def! Feliz cumpleaños homie; it's a long way from Mr. Haley's class eh? You Know! recommended