It's finally and officially summer, and what better way to celebrate your few months of freedom and sunshine and Slurpees and skateboards and whatever else summer means to you than to take a road trip? So if you're achin' for a vacation, Olympia's What You Got? Festival is giving you plenty of reasons to hop in the car (or on the bus) and head south. Happening Thursday, June 28–Sunday, July 1 in Downtown Oly (centered around Sylvester Park), What You Got? features dozens and dozens of performers, a whole slew of workshops (that don't suck!), and a bunch of other activities created for kids by kids.

Since there's far too much going on in the four days to mention all of it here, let me run down a few of the weekend's highlights. (You're on your own to check out the complete schedule at

With a lineup featuring the Pharmacy, Karl Blau, Macklemore, Old Time Relijun, and Jason Webley, the music is obviously the weekend's main attraction, but the bigger headliners aren't the only bands worth traveling for.

At 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, Shorebirds play at the Capitol Theater. That's the wonderfully melodic punk band featuring Chris Bauermeister of Jawbreaker along with former members of Latterman. They played Gallery 1412 earlier this year, but I missed the show for a stupid reason. Snow Cuts Glass are also playing Sunday, 1:30 p.m. at the Art House to be precise. They're a Carissa's Wierd/Stars–inspired Bellingham trio with male and female harmonies layered with keyboard, guitar, and cello.

K Records' lo-fi peppy punkers Spider and the Webs are playing around 3:30 p.m. on Saturday at the Manium Warehouse, which will please the Sleater-Kinney fans—and all the different venues are within walking distance to one another, so when you're done checking out the bands you're familiar with, just a few quick steps in one direction will lead you to what could be your new favorite band.

There are also zine and silk-screening workshops, films made by youth and/or about youth screening all weekend, and this amazing-sounding animation project, where you can create mini cartoons and then see your work on the big screen that very same day.

Day passes are $10–$12 per day, but if you plan on taking in the whole thing, you can save with a $35 festival pass ($40 if you're over 21). Volunteer opportunities are also available—check their MySpace page for info on that.

In the immortal words of Rancid (from the days when they were good): "I wish I were on the highway/Back to Olympia." I call shotgun.