To paraphrase my man Maineack Tubman: gobble gobble, bitches! Hopefully this glorious seasonal celebration of genocide doesn't throw you off your stuffing game, and hopefully that statement won't encourage any more of that awesome racist hate mail I've gotten from the local minutemen (and I ain't talking 'bout Mike Watt); this guy was definitely trying to Tase me. Also, while I'm at it: I forgive you, Dog the Bounty Hunter. Sincerely, Scum Nigger Without a Soul.

That said, let me cross this brief conflict of interest off my clipboard: I can't front like Cancer Rising are not having their CD-release partay on Sunday, November 25, at Chop Suey, or that Dyme Def, heavy 206 bands the Girls and the Valley, Massive Monkees' own djblesOne, and your host Barfly won't be there. So I won't. This is to mark the release of CR's new self-titled album, which features production from djblesOne, Mr. Hill, and Tiles One. Chuuch.

I messed up last week—I forgot to plug the Zulu Radio Live show that went down November 17, which would've been a good time to review my man King Khazm's new joint, Khazm & the Pearl Street Associates. The album features Khazm—winner of the Mayor's Award for Excellence in Hiphop and cofounder of 206 Zulu—along with lifelong Beacon Hill reps Mad Krew and Cyphalliance presenting a smorgasbord of 206 underground with features from Gabriel Teodros, Alpha P, Cyphalliance, Language Arts, El Dia, Sista Hailstorm, Julie C, Khanfidence, and Inkubiz, among plenty others. There's even some Japanese verses from Zeton, Delta, and K-Lee (word to "Long Island Wildin'"!). Khazm's own husky flow is stronger, more emotive, and more versatile than many 'round here know how to muster, and his dusty, string-heavy productions are the aural equivalent of foggy Metro windows on a rainy weekday. Unfortunately, a lot of the music is undermined by the poor production. This is definitely more an underground tape than an official solo record, though, so in some circles that's a virtue. Whatever the case, if you're a connoisseur of the names I've mentioned or down 'n' dirty 206 underground in general, this tape is for you. Also, don't miss Khazm, Gabe T, Sean Malik, and WD4D playing the best of local and national hiphop on Zulu Radio, every Saturday from 10:00 p.m. till midnight on KBCS 91.3 FM.

Lastly: RIP Donda West, Kanye's mother. My heart goes out to you, Ye—anyone who's followed your career knows what an inspiration and constant touchstone your mom was in your music, from your earliest demos all the way up to Graduation. I know that losing my mother was the hardest shit I ever went through. So from one momma's boy to another (and having been through that, I still wouldn't presume to know what you must be going through)— God bless, bro. recommended