Driving by, you might not recognize Cafe Yeshi as an Ethiopian restaurant at first, as it is an actual house that has been transformed into an eating establishment. The "Bad Doctors Party" they're hosting is a benefit for a three-day hippie-music free-for-all in the high desert of Christmas Valley, Oregon, called the One Family Gathering. In the living room, an acoustic-guitar/bongo duo is singing a song with the chorus, "Puff, puff, give." A girl is walking around with a donation jar and I ask her what I would be supporting. She tells me they're raising money to get some "shitters in the desert for us hippies."

I find the benefit organizer, Weather, who is sporting blond dreads and a white lab coat. He explains that the Tonasket Barter Fair has been going on in Oregon for 35 years, but many of the younger hippies think older hippies have too many rules. As a response, they have decided to hold their own festival with 70 musical acts and all-night raves. I buy a couple beers to help support their noble cause.

Walking down Roosevelt, I see a man standing in the middle of the street, pretending to have diarrhea. His friends are yelling at him from down the block. We make eye contact, and without words he asks me, "Can I have a little privacy here?" I keep walking. They don't need shitters in the desert; they've got plenty right here.

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