art cred: Ryan lewis

On "Hobby Rap," Type is a talented rapper quickly spitting out thoughtful dialogue about the hypocrisy in Seattle's hiphop scene: "The city of haters, I'm telling you dog, that's why Grayskul doesn't even sell out the Chop/The heart of the six just started to flatline, lookin' for a reason so we targeted Mass Line/the last time I showed my face down at Pine and Fourth/Gabe was there spittin' rhymes of course/so I have to say, I'd rather ride a hearse then hate on a homey at the time he bursts." On "Junk Punter," he shifts personalities to a Dave Chappelle–worthy character singing a song "dedicated to that special feeling you get when you run up to a stranger and kick him square in the balls." Impressively, both efforts—one thoughtful, one a joke—are genuine and fantastic.

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