Music Nov 20, 2008 at 4:00 am

Ten Questions for Vivian Girls

Never mind the shoegaze. Austin Warnock


i really do dig some of their songs, very catchy, but they should stick to their format- easily charming girl group indie rock- and not do too much talking- makes it all seem kinda boring/uninspiring.

and SHOEGAZE? please. slowdive is rolling in its grave :)

thank god Everett True makes an appearance - pretty close to anything worth reading in The Stranger, EVER. not discounting I Heartattack TV and MISC.
Are the band members fans of John Ashbery, Henry Darger, little girls with penises, or all three?
JME - good question.
I redact earlier comment. ----

--- NovellA CarpenteR ---- worth reading only EVER at stranger…
@ JME: frankie rose, former drummer and co-founder of the group, was a fan of darger (or, at the very least, vaguely familiar with his work) when she named the band.
I went to the Vivian Girls show based on the recomendations and copy they got before their show, and I thought they were weak. As in, Failed to Rock. As in, Anemic. Then again, maybe they're just way ahead of me aesthetically and I'm not even registering how cool they are. I was super pissed off at that show anyway b/c the cover was advertised as $10.00, but the at the door charge was $13.00. This was maybe the 3rd time this happened to me and I was bitter, so bitched at the door guy and caled him dishonest. Sorry dude.
THEN I went to the bar for beer and the bartender does one of these: She gives me my four dollar beer, I pay with a five, and then she thanks me without giving me any change. How did she know I was going to tip her? What if I wanted to tip her more, or less, or not at all (which is what I might have done after the 3 dollar grift at the door).

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