Music Apr 2, 2009 at 4:00 am

Why Don't I Love Mirah's New Album as Much as I Want To?


Eric, I'm with you. I love Mirah, but this latest album just didn't rise to the level of her earlier material.
This is precisely how I feel about Mirah and about (A)spera, and you have articulated it perfectly. Thanks for putting into words what I couldn't.
I saw (a)spera on the shelves of Easy Street and scooped it up. I listened to it 4 times through at work on Thursday and just loved it. Why you gotta hate? Do you need some CHEESE with that WHINE? Why not just praise an album? Why mention you dislike it a little sort of? You put all that effort in referencing her earlier albums and yet you HAVE to mention you don't love it as much as you want to? Great music is a gift, you should be happy for any audio pleasure and not put it down at all. Oh, and you left out Joyride, the remix album, you nincompoop.
Okay, you did mention the remix album but you're still dead inside if you have to insist on HATIN'on good music like a 'lil BEYITCH.
She's clear,poignant and touching here in (a)spera. I've listened about five times through. The power of her voice even in its quiet, radiates a message we need in these times. Keep it up Mirah! Lyrics precise seem to be born from the heart and carried o so well forth. I am a careful and critical listener and when I hear a gem, I really wake up. I am fully awake. Thank you.

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