Music Apr 2, 2009 at 4:00 am

Logics and Avatar Young Blaze


This sentence delivers:
"His reverential street narratives are soil specific and forensics-grade detailed, and they sound just right over some Swisher-friendly, Dirty South–style synth-meets-live production from..."
I love how there are all these album reviews on these other cats, but people who've had their joints out for over 8 months are still being slept on. Truth hurts, but is more respected than fronting on these artists. Thanks a bill.
speak on it then, ps
Just the tip of the iceberg. Good looking on the write up. Imma take it and stride and apply the criticism.
good review on the av album, nicely worded
"I can't front—after the murdergram that was his mixtape Russian Roulette 2, I honestly hoped for a classic debut from the youngest in charge. Well, it's not that. It's a touch overlong at 19 tracks, and its very focused subject matter a touch derivative after an hour." I agree with everything but this... I must say, after thorough listens of both warm blooded cold heart and russian roulette 2, i think this is avatars best effort but well put... i havent had a chance to hear logic's album yet
what People Sucks really means is-you havent reviewed my album yet and its been out for 8 months.

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