That’s riiight, haters and swag-lackers: Fearce Vil, S.E.V., and Brainstorm—the total dudes known as Dyme Def—are back like they never left this bitch, which, judging by the dozen-odd leaks that they’ve dropped in the last couple months, they didn’t. And while those leaks ranged anywhere from decent to great, they’re not coming close to fucking with what you’ll find on their new EP, Panic.

Panic, at a mere seven tracks long, is Dyme Def's strongest statement and without a doubt the best work they've yet put in—as it should be. The three MCs have grown even more distinct in voice and style, while at the same time refining their hot-potato pass-offs to a sweet science. Haters should also note that DD are no mere swag panderers, obsessed with flash, work snatching, or ego buffing—Panic finds DD at their most topical, bringing forth some much-needed real talk on the title track: Busy playing golf while they leavin' niggas stranded/Talking about abortion 'cause a young girl pregnant/Find love in the streets 'cause they never felt cherished/And slap they mom and dad for never being good parents.

Then there's the production—so certifiably bananas there should be a damn Dole sticker on the cover. BeanOne has elevated his already-dominant game to someplace else entirely, strapping a three-stage NASA rocket to his Space Music style, flipping the familiar on its ass, flooding its nostrils with Peruvian raw, reprogramming it Patty Hearst–style, then shoving it through the bank's front doors with the double-barrel. Just peep the neoclassical swinger "Get off Me," or "Pick Up Ya Flow," which not only sports a locked-in verse from our favorite Brooklyn hard rock/Prodigy puncher/Entourage star Saigon (who's soon hitting the road for a tour with DD, cosigning to the fullest: You said your man got some shit hotter than this Dyme Def joint, you a lie!) but also a beat that goes Nip/Tuck on the very familiar theme to Ironside. Red Bull Seattle champ Brainstorm steps up crazily as well, delivering his best shit behind the boards to date. Block beaters "Not That Dude" and "Foot up on the Gas" bang disgustingly, with a downright Mannie Fresh twerk. To say Brain is coming into his own is an understatement.

The release party for this EP is Saturday, April 25, at the Crocodile, with the Saturday Knights, One Be Lo, D.Black, and Spaceman—a super-official lineup and the first hiphop show at the remodeled Seattle rock 'n' roll landmark. So out of respect to my dudes' event, I'm not going to speak on the bullshit... yet. Which reminds me: On Friday, April 24, go check out The Corner—now a year old and always peaceful—just down the block from the Croc at the lil' ol' Rendezvous, with the town's best up-and-coming crew Helladope, J-Mar, Speedy, and hands down one of the most raw/talented/humble motherfuckers in Seattle, Fatal Lucciuano, the author of the 206 classic The Only Forgotten Son. Are you listening? recommended