Music Apr 24, 2009 at 9:27 pm


ugh watching that was like chugging a quart of syrup
you had me at pregnant women are smug.
did you just watch the most recent season of scrubs or something?
Now I want to watch The Deer Hunter.
Okay wait...I think all the previous posters have had one too many already (Friday night) and the little cynical devil on their shoulder is making them post in their angry, city-cynical anger because they don't have dates. Come on good angel on the other shoulder, you tell them!!!!!
that was surprisingly good. it managed to brighten my crappy day and i'm not really the sort of person to brighten. but by judging how many times i've had to revise this post for grammatical errors, maybe it's the alcohol. thanks either way.

am i missing out by not watching scrubs?
I am ready for some venison now.
nah, she was in like two episodes. she is really funny, and i liked both the movies dan posted. if it came off as bitter it's probably just my anger at having to do homework on a friday night. college. boo.
Would it be irredeemably dickish of me to point out that she's wrong, and that the deer populations in PA have gone up from 1,200,000 in 1990 to 1,500,000 in 2000? Yes? Then never mind.

Did I tell ya? Fantastic stuff.
It's very twee-approaching, but way way
well put together on the comedic tip. Her
"Mr. Moon" appears very cutesy on scrubs,
but the real version is more boozy. Check
out the medley of "worst songs" as well.
Very fun.


I'm not cynical, I just despise little kids. And puppies. Fuck puppies.
Are you drunk?
Scrubs is no better or worse this year than any other year. It's been remarkably consistent. Some would argue that's bad, but ask AC/DC what they think of that argument.

Anyway she was on Scrubs a few times this year, and she fit right into the vibe of the show.
@ Big Sven,

Depends on when the movie was made. It looked kind of vintage 70's. I remember our grade school screening similarly weird artistic-short-films-with-positive-social-messages made in the 70's on those old-fashioned reel projectors. Our district didn't get VHS tapes until the mid-90's.
Good. One less deer that will try to commit suicide by jumping in front of my car the next time I drive thru PA.
cute, but we need to eat. sorry, deer, who's population has exploded as sprawl has created more forest-edge habitat.
Children shooting children in quit outfits, how precious. It's nice guns are easy to get.
And now for some deer sausage!I love deer sausage.Thank God that woman was only armed with a uke or it could have been much tougher for me.Little baby deer, the veal of the forest.
For an alternate take on the deer issue:…
That woman's eyes are amazing.
@ 17 is spam, please delete.
@9. Thank you. I thought the same thing when I heard that line.
But ... but ... but ...

Venison is yummy.
I like how @17 couldn't even successfully execute a spam @11. If the mysteries of HTML elude you, perhaps being an online shill is the wrong career choice.
Fast track health care.
Get it going soon.
Before the next election.
Obama will protect us from the North Koreans.
He will tell on them, to the UN.
I'm not worried.
Because I live on the East Coast...
Maybe I'm high (and at this time of day, that is very likely) but I thought it was funny.
This is old news, Dan. She was on Scrubs like two months ago. I do agree she is adorable.

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