Hundreds of bands and artists are playing Bumbershoot this year—it's hard to know where to go and what to see, especially since just about everything is open to all ages (excluding the beer gardens, natch). Well, let me help you, and see the Bumbershoot pullout for more show info.

If you're into horn-heavy R&B, be sure to check out this year's Sound Off! winners, Dyno Jamz. The Seattle octet beat out 11 semifinalists earlier this year in the EMP's annual underage battle of the bands, and as a judge at the finals, I can assure you it was well earned. Dyno Jamz are solid performers, combining elements of jazz, hiphop, and funk with bright horn solos, positive lyrics, and smooth rhythms. (And speaking of Sound Off!, veterans the Lonely Forest are also playing.)

Another must-see is the Whore Moans' special event. They're calling it the Black Atom! and it'll be unlike any other Whore Moans performance you've ever seen. The band says: "Think 1960s soul review with keys, sax, and doo-wop girls."

Of course, you should also take this weekend's opportunity to see the Cave Singers—not only did the band recently release their sophomore album, Welcome Joy (one of my favorite records of the year), but after this weekend they're leaving on a national tour and won't be back home until mid-October.

But if you're skipping Bumbershoot entirely, you're not completely out of luck for live music—Freezepop are playing their video-game-inspired party music at El Corazón Sunday night. And they sing about math, so you can maybe convince your parents it's educational. MEGAN SELING

Recommended All-Ages Shows

Sun Sept 6: Freezepop, Anamanaguchi, Ambulance for Angeles, Blunderbear, Ocean of Algebra at El Corazón, 8:30 pm, $12 adv/$14 DOS.

Wed Sept 9: Reel Big Fish, Suburban Legends, One Pin Short at Showbox at the Market, 7 pm, $20 adv/$22 DOS.

Wed Sept 9: Veracity at the Vera Project, 7:30 pm, free.