Music Oct 1, 2009 at 4:00 am

With a New Album on Her New Label, Visqueen's Rachel Flotard Honors the Man Who Made Her

Devoted daughter, divine rocker. Kelly o


Even tho you are all Worldwide AWESOME these days, Would you like to share a soggy bagel with me sometime? I think you are the Cat's Meow! XOXO Truly, AnnaBanana
I'm on Pandora, listening to Visqueen for the first time. Not bad.
If I can be the kind of dad that inspires that kind of love in my daughter, I'll have everything I need.

Rachel is Seattle's most awesome woman - talented, funny, charismatic, lovely, and such a great attitude.
That hair of fire and that blue water of eyes and those connect the dot freckles and those two canes tied together was Mmmmmm Yummmmmy picture!

I don't care if she screams at the top of her lungs incoherently and looses control of her bodily functions as her stage act!

Shes a cutey!
Well other than the facts that she's brilliant, hilarious, big-hearted, foulmouthed, self-deprecating, and gorgeous, and the fact that she sings and writes and plays like a rock and roll goddess (her and Neko, quite the atomic duo), I don't see what all the fuss is about.
Visqueen is plastic sheeting, related to tubing used to make skinless wieners.
God...why do pepole pump her up? She is not all that. Boring, contrived....
I have been really torn about this album. I like the people I know who were involved w/ it, and respect the people I don't know a whole bunch. But it sounds terrible...and I hate to be the one saying that. It is over-produced in a way that is really unflattering. When you have musicians of this caliber there is no cause for everything to buried under the vocals. I can barely tell there is a guitar being played.

That's a shame, cause I think these would be really great songs if i could hear what was going on
I worked with Teddy over the years .He was a great guy!!!

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