Long Island rock band Brand New may still be best known for that radio hit from years ago, "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows," but they're more than that sparkling guitar riff and Morrissey-wannabe croon, goddamnit, and their catalog, now four full-lengths deep, is much more impressive than that one song.

They've always flirted with grisly imagery in their lyrics, even in their earlier pop-punk days ("Seventy Times 7," for instance, wishes for its subject's violent death via car crash). In 2006, the band started to express that darker side in their music as well, with the release of the turbulent (and tragically named) The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. Last month, they released the follow-up, Daisy, their most haunted record yet.

It opens with a woman singing an old-timey ballad that sounds like it's crackling out of a wooden radio from the 1930s. It goes on for over a minute, and just as you begin to wonder if that's it, if that's all the song really is, the band's drums, bass, and guitar all pound in to kick off "Vices," one of the most abrasive songs the band have ever written. Singer Jesse Lacy has never sounded so frenzied as he does screeching, "She said good-bye to the ground... and JUMPED!"

Also more prevalent than ever before is their admiration for early Modest Mouse. It's no secret the band members are fans—when they played Showbox Sodo a couple years ago, the band covered "Trailer Trash." On Daisy, both "At the Bottom" and "Be Gone" sound like the efforts of a less drunk but more goth Isaac Brock.

See for yourself this Wednesday, October 14, at Showbox Sodo when they play with the Builders and the Butchers. You might be surprised to find they're not a one-hit-wonder left over from the screamo trend.

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