Why? frontman Yoni Wolf is one of the best lyricists in indie rock (or anywhere else) right now, a tongue-tying fast-talker who twists hiphop cadences and tightly-wound couplets to his own compellingly morbid, hyper-self-conscious ends. His band's latest, Eskimo Snow, was culled from the same recording sessions that produced 2008's Alopecia, but its songs are sentimental rather than sly, instrumentally looser and more live. Mount Eerie is the ongoing project of the Microphones' equally existentially concerned (though slightly more solaced) Phil Elverum. No Kids are a delightful chamber-pop trio from Canada. This is a flawless bill. (Vera Project, Seattle Center, 956-8372. 7:30 pm, $12/$13, all ages.)