Music Dec 31, 2009 at 4:00 am

The Seattle Music Scene's Year in Regrets


I regret reading this article.
I regret the "Look at me!" shameless self promotion people in this town mistake for credibility. I regret not taking advantage of the stardom that being an asshole seems to garner.
Long Winters fan who is riding the scooter almost year-round. Ice is a little precarious with only two wheels that cover a square foot each.

On the other hand, eating meat is like driving a Hummer or an 18-wheeler. Eating a vegetarian diet is like driving a motorcycle or scooter, and eating a vegan diet is like riding a bicycle or walking.
That mad rad one.
Hoooleeeeeee craaaap.

Douche douche douche douche douche douche douche douche douche douche douche douche douche douche douche
Somehow Mad Rad makes Vanilla Ice look like a musically relevant fine upstanding individual.
I cant believe Moorman did not claim to regret writing his "drummer-on-tour-with-Borderline Personality Disorder-girlfriend" article. Man, was that guy slagged off or what?
@3 I don't get the whole Mad Rad appeal, either. Act like drunken assholes and -BOOM!- you're playing Sasquatch! and Bumbershoot.

I'm a total drunken asshole, yet all I've got is a studio apartment with no tv and a drinking problem.
to all those Mad Rad haters - PLEASE take a listen to some Fresh Espresso...I am also not a fan of Mad Rad due to all the crazy antics but can't stop listening to Fresh Espresso.

P Smoov definitely has some lyrics chops to him which come through on the FE tracks without all the MR drama. The antics get attention, talent keeps you at the top.
I am offended by the mere existence of the Lamorghiniz. Dirty Jeezy and crew should be rounded up and hung. Maybe sent to Uganda and hung for their despicable (and likely homosexual) conduct.
POWER SKELETON deeply regrets not crushing your fucking bodies into pulp. Next year, we promise.

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