Get better soon.
Hope you feel better soon, Nadia, you didn't miss anything.

I got there at midnight to find the place packed with people wanting to dance, but DJ Ellis played nothing but cheesy electro smooth jazz that was pretty much impossible to dance to. Major DJ FAIL.

So I head over to the after hours party, only to have the same thing happen again. The first DJ was into a style of rap music that was both annoying ("nigga this, nigga that") and had no danceable hooks. He sucked worse than Ellis. The next guy was a little better, but music was still way too low energy for the crowd.

Anyway, crappy suggestion. Perhaps it was an off night, but I do kinda get the impression that no one at the Stranger knows much about the Seattle dance scene.
Hops knows!
lol I arrived at 10:30 and had a kick ass time the whole gaddamn night, don't know what party you were at seandr

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