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A Nonchalant Survey of Tortoise's Greatest Non-Hits

Faces you wouldn’t recognize. Whitney Bradshaw


No tracks off TNT? I'll admit that the album's a bit one-dimensional, but there are still a few excellent cuts.
TNT is Tortoise' masterpiece imo.
After giving TNT something like 15 listens, I can genuinely say that nothing on it deserved to make the cut for this piece. #1 and #2's mileage obviously varied, and that's cool.
Dude how did you miss the amazing track..."Not Quite East of The Ryan". Parker really features well. I saw them with Lanois which was a treat.
That is a great one, but I didn't have space to include all of the gems.
Love Tortoise and the press for them but why now? The box set was published in 2006 and is out of print. Maybe you're "that guy" who is selling his copy on amazon for $236?
Mr. Segal -

I strongly suggest that you listen to "The Suspension Bridge at Iguazu Falls" another 15 times.
"why now?" Because Tortoise are playing Neumos June 8. I am not selling my copy of A Lazarus Taxon.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Wake me up when the Stranger reviews and write about rock bands that...uh..rock.
I s'pose you can say Tortoise have a solid something-for-everyone vibe as well: I think TNT is rather good and I considered Beacons of Ancestorship a welcome return.

Yeah, I recognise there are some cornball moments on TNT, and I think my feelings may be bouyed by memories of that tour (their best, I think), but I still think there are some sublime moments.
I would have put the title track "TNT", which is a fantastic song, over the gratuitous remix, TJed. But it sounds like the whole album just wasn't your bag. It was one of their more successful albums though, somewhat of a breakout, so there are many great tracks on that one.

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