Music Aug 12, 2010 at 4:00 am

Beach Blanket Baptism at a Mars Hill Church Party


"It is so goddamn fucking rainy. Umbrellas sprout out of the crowd on the beach like daisies"

You go from being classless to attempting to be a poet haha. What exactly was your purpose of crashing this party? You never really explained that in your article......
There's never really a purpose. Usually someone e-mails and Paul Constant sends an intern.
@1 How are the sentences you spotlight an example of being classless then attempting to create poetry? Is using similes what poetry is all about? Please elaborate and/or educate.
Don't you guys get it? Going to a church baptism and saying goddamn in the article about is so edgy! To some at least.
@3 it's obviously a Mars Hill churchite who was concerned about the article and its impending tone. This is his/her only post.

Hey, @1 - go away.

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