Music Dec 10, 2010 at 11:00 am


bullshit dave segal. you just missed SO MANY amazing australian pop bands. yes, tame impala is spectacular, but to skip 2 decades of incredible talent is boorish and misleading.
Tame Impala is badass. Nice wordplay there with Wizards of Oz... I like it.
@1, thanks for saying what I was afraid to. Besides, The Birthday Party weren't really all that great. Aussie pop is all about the Go-Betweens, and what came after (Sugargliders, Simpletons, Lucksmiths).
@1 and @3
I love the Go-Betweens—just spaced on 'em.

Also, newsflash/shocka: Not everyone shares the same exact musical taste as you. Ponder that heavy thought for a minute.

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