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Moshe Kasher, the Ahamefule J. Oluo and Mike Show, and Adventure Buddies: Episode 6


I love watching drunk train wrecks cry. You rule, Lindy.
Funny Lindy is promoting a guy who has this comedy routine under his belt:…

ughs all around.
I love Lindy's writing! I love Lindy!

Please get back on SLOG soon!

You have to tell everyone how awesome it is to have the all-time most commented post ever in The Stranger
#3 -- oh, wow. Just... wow. Makes you wonder if the whole "Lindy vs. Dan" thing wasn't a complete setup, then. Faux outrage to push page views. Otherwise... this is just not consistent.
@3. WOW. Horrible. Lindy needs to see this. Also, Dan.
@3, not important. Lindy can't elevate herself by going after an mostly unknown comic.
What makes us laugh is not a determinant of what we might believe. Laughter is often caused by surprise or shock--it can often be involuntary.

"This person says things that make me laugh" does not (and does not have to) equal "This person says things that I agree with."

Agreement, in fact, often stifles laughter. (It takes someone truly clever to generate laughter without the tension of disagreement.)

As far as this bit goes, I could dissect this as the comedy of misplaced arrogance that Moshe does, eventually, turn back upon himself...but I think any lengthy discussion of the bit will end up killing the frog.

Lindy likes Moshe because he's funny. I like Moshe because he's funny. If you don't find him funny, don't go. Comedy's cool like that.

Go figure a Stranger writer is suggesting a show that they themselves are performing at.
Moshe's comedy is indeed vicious and he spares no one, least of all himself. I will be laughing my ass off in Kirkland tonight.
@3 Really? Find me a standup comic that could possibly see what Moshe's describing in that clip and NOT write a joke about it. Your piety is too much.

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