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Looks like a good party.
Our Democrat state senators have left the state and are chilling in Illinois; the state senate needs 1 Democrat for a quorum to pass the bill stripping us of most collective bargaining rights. Our governor has ordered the state troopers to locate and return any Democrat senators they can find to the capitol, but I think they're out of jurisdiction. We have the capitol surrounded and filled right now; there were demonstrators sleeping inside last night. It's a pretty wild scene. We're expecting even more people to show up tomorrow. I need to find somewhere to get a phone charge. :-P
I love the brown haired one! We always watch the opening credits of that Raising Hope show to see if she sings a song...(are those mate gourds around their necks??)

**and we're just glad you're posting, period.
oh hey, there's Alia Shawkat and Sarah Silverman, yo!
Are those jewel encrusted douches around their necks? :O
We need a little silliness in our day.
I thought that was Alia Shawkat! Great video from a great group. And @3 - Oates is my favorite too! She's so cute!
Where can I get one of those blingy douche medallions?
The fake tan @ 2:20 will haunt my dreams.
Hilarious. sorry, but those douchy guys are teh hot.
Thank you for putting a new song in my head! It's catchy. To think I've been working on this:…. It doesn't have the same sense of fun. And, man, men are beautiful!
Dan Savage's continued bashing of douchebags is unacceptable & needs an entire post dedicated to pointing it out. As a douche, who has endured the shame of douchiness my entire life I'd be willing to volunteer.
The things around their necks are ACTUAL DOUCHES doused in glitter.
Great song, and I love all the cameos. Is that Rebecca Drysdale @~1:41 in there too?
@15: Thanks for clarifying! Their resemblance to hand grenades is disturbing.
Just what the doctor ordered!
Oh god they actually are wearing douches. I didn't notice til @15 pointed it out.

10/10 would watch them again
Har Mar bitches!
Thanks @15. I was going to ask. Too many names dropped. I caught Jeff Goldbloom, Margaret Sanger, and Limbaugh. Who the hell are all those others? Douches I assume. Not worth googling.
@13 lol

Dan, I'm missing the SLLOD!
@13 Dan can't see that he's lashing out from the safety of his non-douche privileged status.

I'm not going to spend a bunch of time blogging about douche-acceptance here, because other douches have already done it much more eloquently, thoroughly, and radically than I ever could.

If they're so hip and so smart, why DO they hang around douchebags like that all the time? So they can write (presumably) witty put-down songs about it, then gloat about how superior they are?

G & O should get a SLOG column.
I didn't see. Were there bears before the reference to shaving pecs? And did anyone else feel the "which gender is singing" vibe?
Is this a comment on how the party here at Slog suddenly turned douchey with the fat acceptance pile-on?
I love these gals. Kate Miccuci in particular, I look out for her in commercials--she's currently in a Progressive insurance ad as a waitress. I love her Dear Deer video best.

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