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Eight Swans Songs That Make You Feel Better About Your Life

How come the one guy gets to have long hair and bare feet? Owen Swenson


Can't wait for this show!
Not Last Exit, but Selby's The Room. As a youngster, after trying unsuccessfully to cope with Cop by playing it at 45rpm, I got rid of it, as I did The Room earlier that year. I regret both decisions now. (Although I regret getting rid of The Room more than Cop.)
"Stop and smell the morose" is the best thing I've heard all day.
"maybe it wasn't such a good idea to read all of Dennis Cooper's books in one month" - really excellent
Uh, I was reading the article wondering when Dave was going to mention Jarboe...Well I guess that this is did not happen. She was kinda important in the whole Swans thing, wouldn't you say? I guess she did part ways with the band a while ago...but still. This preview seems incomplete without at least a passing mention of the second singer of the Swans.

With the exception of Failure all of the lyrics come from the earliest most oppressive albums. I guess that makes your point but SWANS really ascended to greatness in the latter half of their life. Victrolabaristaguy brought up Jarboe and its her time in the band that opens them up. The lyrics became so expansive... Instead of shoving you into that tiny black box they cut you lose in a black void.. i don't know... it was brilliant. I still get goose bumps just thinking about those records.
they found you in spain/facedown in the street/with a bottle in your hand/and a wild smile on your face/and a knife in your back/you died in a foreign land/and they found my letter/rolled up in your pocket/where i said i'd kill myself/if she left me again/and now you're both gone/and you're both on my mind/and i've got one thing to say/before i am drunk again/GODDAMN THE SUN/GODDAMN THE SUN/GODDAMN THE LIGHT IT SHINES/AND THIS WORLD THAT IT SHOWS

I saw Michael Gira play Swans songs live and acoustic in NYC like, 10 years ago and it was INCREDIBLE!!! Swans on March 1st in SF!! I can't fucking wait!

Great write up, by the way.
I find it hard to get past all of your "buzz-words" Coke'd up feather weight Poodle's?

After a paragraph I'm having flash backs of psyching myself out to be in the military again?

The write up is "too great" and not a music review.

As for the band Swans?
"made you feel as if you were being pummeled by thugs while swirling down a sewage-filled vortex".

Well? I'm thinking about my ankle holster and my shoulder holster and the 3rd dimension of adding my testicle holster as well.

but yes the write was "too great" as in a music review becomes a pink high top leather steel toe boot stomping out teeth like a blind Japanese rice farmer drug addict with a large gnarly land crab hanging off off the tip of his penis for dear life with both claws.
anyone interested in more oppressive writings of Gira's should track down his book The Consumer, which is a collection of old lyrics and prose. it really fucked me up when I was 16. last night...words could not explain. to put it in layman's terms, imagine being high at a Rusted Root concert while two guys take you on in a sun-baked port-o-john. pretty spectacular.

and while Jarboe's contributions to Swans were essential to the band's evolution, she is not part of this reunion. I think the point of the article is to revisit the grit of the first releases, which she did not appear on, in comparison to this new incarnation of the band. the new Swans material is an entirely different animal than Filth or Great Annihilator or any other proceeding album. close to just being another Angels Of Light record, but the underlying disgust that's been absent in Gira's work over the past decade comes back in a big way, and it shows through into the music as well as just his lyrics. good for him.
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