Music May 18, 2011 at 4:00 am

What I've Learned After 13 Months and a Hell of a Lot of Humanity


A big heart to you Korby. FFOK was just too special for the world.
FFOK became an important part of my identity, and the social highlight of my month. My birthday party there two weeks ago was the best I've ever had.

I was proud to be the King, but the Power Behind the Throne deserves all the credit.
Awww man. I went to most of these before leaving the continent. I miss it, and now I can't even go back. Well, it was a special moment. Thanks.
Aww, this makes my heart sad and sing at the same time. You're a fine man, Korby Sears, and you created something I'll never forget.
That sounds amazing. Wish I was in Seattle to attend the last one.
I declare Korby Sears to be the most amazing person in the world.
I am tone-deaf, cannot sing and loathe karaoke, but I faked an orgasm and recited James Joyce to the tune of Donna Summer at FFOK.

Thanks, Korby - you truly found the overlap on the venn diagram of English majors and perverts.
As a long-term unemployed architect with a previous degree in music performance may I steal your idea? Please? I really truly was the best living accompanist from age 10-22, and I could really use the work. Oh, while I do agree that organs are inherently mysterious and cool it was my minor instrument and I'm light years better on piano. (Unless of course by my admitting that you decide not to let me steal your idea in which case I'll lie to you and promise to use an organ.)

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