Music May 25, 2011 at 4:00 am

Stuff that Won't Suck at Folklife!

Wheedle’s Groove, Calvin Johnson, and NighTraiN. Wheedle’s Groove Photo by Steven Schardt / Calvin Johnson Photo by Hillary Harris


In answer to the question: Who the eff booked Watch It Sparkle at Folklife? Kelli Faryar in programming is Folklife's secret weapon. She works to bring in the best bands in the Northwest into the Festival, and is the driving force behind the new stage. Bravo!

Awesome line-up indeed, thanks to the hard-working staff of Folklife.

And for the record, Folklife has always had lots of stuff that doesn't suck. You just have to be willing to look past the lack of skinny jeans and attitude. Hard to imagine that good times and rad musicians can exist outside the hipster-sphere, but it's true!
I cant wait to see the hippies run for the door when Hobosexual hits the stage.
Don't forget local record label Aphonia Recordings alumni and K Records signee Nucular Aminals at the Indie Roots Center Square Stage, Sat May28th 8:30PM!

I'm also a fan of Geoff Castle - live-sampled electric fiddle. Your mileage may vary.
The Thoughts on Friday at The Vera Project stage are not to be missed. I have a total crush on the violinist.
You forgot Gumar and his Magical Midi Band!
Don't forget Brad Dunn!…
Saturday at 1 at the Indie Roots at Center Square.
I never get the hostility towards Folklife. It's a pretty easy event to avoid if the lack Pitchfork worthy headliners, skinny jeans, and sleeve tattoos are dealbreakers for you. There is another event happening this weekend that will fulfill your needs. And another one in a month and half. And another one on Labor Day weekend. Not everything has to cater to the stereotypical Capitol Hill demographic.

Let every immigrant sub-group wear their traditional clothes and perform their music and dance. No one's forcing you to join a drum circle. (If there is a legitimate complaint about Folklife it's hippie drum circles over powering Salish drum circles.)
The Bad Things play tonight (Friday) at 5:20pm on the Fountain Lawn Stage. Beer garden nearby. And, yeah @9 and @2....I agree that Folklife has consistently been a great festival and actually, it's probably a good thing that the hipsters are too cool to go for it. Who needs their short attention spans and limited scope? The rest of us will just continue to enjoy good music regardless of it's "hipness."

I hear ya. The great thing about FolkLife is that the hipsters, too-cool-for-schoolites and the people who must have beer before they can listen to music are all wonderfully absent.
The Hail Seizures from Olympia are the high light of folklife every year
Also, good addition: LAKE on Saturday
Hobosexual rocks, Diminished Men are awesome and NighTraiN are adorable and fun. I don't know a bunch of the other acts on this list, but I'll trust you guys considering those three.
crap. this is such a good line up. i wish i was in town.

also playing - Polka Dot Dot Dot (via their facebook)
May 30th
@ thee Indie Roots Stage at Center Square
Karl Blau doesn't play bass in Earth anymore.
Seriously fabulous job Kelli Faryar and the rest of the Folklife staff! Thank you!!
Just got back. Boy, folklife sucks (1st timer). Street punks, jugilos (sp?), fat hippies and wiggaz with pitpulls: it's a parade for some very embarrassing white people.

The 'common man' is awfully scummy these days.
Still no house, electro, or techno at folk life?
Ive lived in Seattle my entire life and I still have yet to see why this is such a big deal. Every time I investigate to see what all the fuss is about I'm disappointed. I guess it just isnt for me... Always feel strangely left out though?

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