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Remembering the era of Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Armando, yuppies in Italian sports cars, squatters reading Burroughs, vampires in train stations, and stupid smiley-face stickers on every surface.


Words escape me to describe how wonderful this article is. I had to re-read it while listening to James Martin's "Rabbit Trax". I am so happy right now.…
What were the misconceptions you had? I always find those more interesting than the reality.
love this.
Charles, Charles! Nice!
this picture is the SHIT !
Just lovely. Thanks Charles!
That was just beautiful. I'm ready for more stories of raves in London
Great stuff, thank you.

The Streets seem to have managed to find an English voice while rapping, don't you think? Fifteen years later, but still.
This is awesome.
I don't even like house/acid house, etc, but this article got me interested.
This is one of the most enjoyable articles I've read in the Stranger. Thank you.
With regard to British rapping, I think grime has been extremely vital for the past five years, especially the past three years. Terrestrial radio play doesn't really mean anything with the internet, but when you compare what "hip-hop" is played on America radio to what grime is played on British pirate radio (and even the BBC after hours or on 1Xtra), the UK blows the US out of the water in lyrics and delivery. I think it says more about American radio than anything else, but grime is really on point right now. Brits have definitely found their voice in my opinion.
"I was a spaceman looking into an imploding galaxy"

nicely conveyed..

the repetition in acid house music serves as a hypnotic element. i wonder why critics scrutinize the repetitive elements, their real purpose is to make you let go, but i guess some folks don't want to.

Loved this one Charles. You're digging at my youth. Vast numbers of goths waiting for a tube in N London? You must've been at Angel near Slimelight, the club that was the epicenter of goth in London.

I missed out on Acid House; At 16 I was too busy rocking to Def Leppard. The cool girls in 6th form at school had their moves down from hanging out with older boys and were probably going to raves and doing interesting drugs while my buddies and I were sneaking cans of cheap lager.

I made up for it big-style in college and later. Used to go to a big warehouse club right next to Slimelight around 94. The pubs at 10pm nearby would be filled solidly with black at one end and day-glo the other, each group restlessly waiting for the night to begin ...
Charles this was a great read. I really enjoyed this.
@14, thank for giving the memory the important details. We live to validate our memories.
Love this article! Thanks you Charles!
The Pasadena's? Thanks for the flashback :). I'll never forget the first time I heard Bomb The Bass' "Beat Dis"..
Why would I give a crap what Muede was doing in 1988? I don't even care what I was doing in 1988.I guess this has stopped being a newspaper and just become a paper.
Wonderful time-warp, both an emotional and informed analysis of the 80s London music scene.
not bad . finally i find i'm not the only 80's geek to use the sinclair comp , o the day of the 16k mem modual . what revolution that was. black was finally cool and white girls were falling out of the trees , thanks for the way back machine run chuck !
Closely listen to an Inception dvd made before the January 8th Tucson shooting, especially during the dialogue, "Do It."
PM Dawn!
Wow--this article takes me back. Although I was into The Smiths at the time--we danced to Acid House. I lived in London from 84-90 during what I remember as an amazing musical ride. I had the great fortune of moving to Seattle in 1991 to be around for another great period in music history.
As a member of the "Chisi" crew back in the day in Harare its good to see Charles " Boy Blue" Mudede keeping it real!

Zulu Fresh
Hi Charles ! I still have that Sinclair Spectrum !! brings back lots of memories!!! funny thinking back how at one stage we where so resistant to anything but Hip Hop,how times change
Hey Charkes, it's Dennis Herold here! Great article! Has brought back alot of memories. Simon and I are back home in South Africa! I still have the ZX Spectrum! Can you believe it. We are still music nuts and have a small recording studio with my bro. Nice to see your passion and knowledge of music has persisted. You will always be the best rapper I ever heard in Zim. Respect! Dennis.
Great article, Charles. Really evocative.

You shoulda stuck around and got involved though, mate. You missed out on a period of life and music that for all who were there, still continues to be the greatest time of their lives

Accciiieeeddd!!!! :-)
Great article, Charles. Really evocative.

You shoulda stuck around and got involved though, mate. You missed out on a period of life and music that for all who were there, still continues to be the greatest time of their lives

Accciiieeeddd!!!! :-)

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