Music Jul 27, 2011 at 4:00 am

Kyle Cease, Ace of Bass, and Billy Wayne Davis


Local acts do regional festivals for experience and exposure all the time. Participation in those festivals doesn't necessarily indicate an act intends to move.
It's great to see Charles in Lindy's list of suggested sources of laughs, especially since I am one of Charles. I would also mention that our opening act this weekend is the incomparable Ubiquitous They. ALSO, The Ace of Bass, will be the last chance to see a show at the Satori Loft at 619 Western (although the Satori group itself will continue to put on excellent shows in its yet-to-be-announced new venue for a long time to come). After that The Ace of Bass will move to the Ballard Underground for its final weekend.

Finally I might add that Gomez is right. I recently signed up for a gym membership so I'm pretty much here for life.
I was under the impression that jokes about being a drunken deadbeat dad are only funny when they aren't the truth. #DangerDavisSuffers
Lindy West writes in her review:
"A lot of people really like Kyle Cease. He was in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You with Heath Ledger, who is dead now." with the word "dead" in bold type.

Congratulations to Lindy, who now joins the ranks of the most despicable writers of recent Seattle history.

Lindy, you disgust me.
The 'Short Blurb,' a brief description on a subject matter, died July 26th, in The Stranger. The cause was an article by Lindy West in which she used the death of Heath Ledger to describe a comedy routine.

The 'Short Blurb'had encountered problems, in recent years, due to the rise of the 'Tagline.' Of this, West remarked, "It was time to put the nail in the coffin...I'm glad it's over. Just like Heath Ledger. I can be pretty cruel sometimes, but I think it's hilarious."

The 'Short Blurb' will be sadly missed by it's family and friends.

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