Music Jul 27, 2011 at 4:00 am

Willie Nelson Brings Marijuana Controversy to Snoqualmie Casino



2 words why the the publicist won't comment: Tommy Chong.
C'mon Brendan - you're being kinda tone-deaf considering Willie's current legal problems:…

If this is not the reason his PR flack brushed you off I'll eat my shoe.
So when is Willy coming to play?
neat illustration.
The stories of the Tribes and the white man are long and many and few are not disgusting and if they are not they become B-grade movies for Hollywood to patch relations with.

Like fireworks tobacco and gambling are the main staples of daily life I am more apt to pointing my bow and arrow and ask the question why the white man develops other nations on the other side of the earth and pours billions into their lands as the native Americans still have to jump through hoops just "to" sell fireworks and tobacco and gambling casinos.

Its a question that has been answered many times but in very few ways?

In the cross fire is a plant that was here before the white man and yes was here before the Native Americans.

It could be that Native Americans as well as the white man need to be pulled like nasty ignorant weeds away from the Cannabis plant.

as they will indeed do to it what they did to Canis lupus familiaris as many other famous productions of the Human race have gone.

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