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My Life as a Slayer Discography

Kelly O drew these in high school.


I love you, Kelly.
Fucking awesome
see #1
First time I saw them was Halloween '86 at the Moore for the Reign in Blood tour. Kinda made Anthrax obsolete after that.
Yeah, that was lovely. Most people don't get Slayer. Screw em.
"I trade her four marijuana joints for two beat-up cassette tapes, Slayer's Hell Awaits and Reign in Blood. Everything changes. Forever."

reading this choked me up because i know exactly what you mean. for me it was hearing Black Flag in '81 on late night Detroit radio. everything changed. forever.
The many Slayer pits I've been in have been some of the nicest, friendliest pits ever. Slayer fans are fucking nuts, and Slayer shows have some of the best vibes of any show. I still feel compelled to raise the horns and yell "SLAAAAYYYYYEERRRR!" every time I see another person wearing their shirt.
You didn't "lose" your Slayer posters or that nasty black Slayer t-shirt (complete with rips and holes) - I still have them. I'm saving them to give to your daughter, so she can drive you half insane with some crazy, loud, cult music. Remember, what goes around, comes around; so enjoy yourself, sweet girl.
I love metal, I love going to shows, but slayer and slayer shows have been some of the most boring musical memories of my life. Maybe they were just too drunk the couple times I saw them in the 90s to be entertaining.
fuckin slayer.
Slayer is beautiful. Marry me?
Last time at Qwest Events Center? I 1)lost my friends; 2)lost my $30 Slayer shirt I had just bought; 3)lost my glasses; 4)woke up to a movie accidently filmed on my phone reminding me I shoved a late night hot dog in my mouth while crouching next to a dumpster. I'm in my 40s. I love Slayer.
All true- All true.
Awesome, although this sounds more like the Cuff than a metal bar: "It smells like black leather and pain"
Best love letter ever. Mighty Slayer. Last time I saw them was with Soul fly at the paramount. We'll see you there Kelly.
I remember the 1st time I ever downloaded a Slayer ringtone for my cellphone. It truly made me feel like society was growing up.
Awesome. Just fucking awesome. See you Saturday night.
that was fanfuckingtastic KO. God hates us all!
Wait hang on, her boyfriend tried to KILL HIMSELF? Can we hear more about this?
The most amazing blood sacrifice to a band I've ever seen is when a kid did scarification on the inside of both forearms, writing the word SLAYER on them at one of their shows.
@21 - I've seen that in photos, and it gives me the heebie jeebies...
Slayer fans are nuts. I mean, what if this guy was standing in front of you at a show?!?!……

@20 - stitches, staples, and counseling.
Repeat #1. See you there tonight.
kelly O you fucking rule!!!! thank you so much for saving my slayer experience; I still owe you that drink!
Excellent article based on truth and experience. Finally, some music coverage of a band with substance and actual musicianship. Kelly O fucking rules. Slayer Slayer Slayer Slayer!!!
Nice write up Kelly.
@24 - Happy to help!

Bored by Slayer?

My cool-detector is redlining.

Slayer rules. Now I miss Swarming Hordes shows and getting drunk and arguing about who rocked harder. I'm still going with the Hordes.
Well, Kelly, there you've gone and written the most beautiful piece about Slayer that'll ever be.
I loved this Kelly. Dang beautiful. You might like this TV show I work on about a metal kid who battles evil at his high school. I'm gonna pass your article around set. Everyone will love it.…
Someone needs to post this on the blue. It really is the most beautiful Slayer article ever.
8 for the win! Mothers RULE.
Saw Slayer at a small venue in Oklahoma City in the 90's. So sad for openers Puya and System of A Down. They just couldn't compete. The moshpits were hella crazy too. Thank you for making me remember those moments for a bit today, Kelly O.
Nice article, Kelly. However, I hope when you have kids of your own they do TWICE and many "scary" things behind your back - karma.
i don't remember any of this, and i cant believe how well you turned out especially with all that horribly bad influence. who gives a grrl a gift in a room w bullet holes in the tv how tacky lol

SLAYER the only thing that will ever remain real and forever
As much as I hate Dan, David, Paul, Saul, Goldy and Charles Mudede

And journalists in general, I will always respect comic sans font, and anyone who habitually adds tracks to Slayer albums so that Reign in Blood has Raining Blood, Blood Red and Spill the blood on the same album
I can't believe she remembers little Tony getting sent home from Junior High school for wearing that shirt, what year was that?


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